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Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm 😋
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  • Yum!!
  • Grapefruit lip balm...may I ask where I can purchase this?
  • Where do I get this? I need it!! I love it!
  • Hmmmm?
  • Obsessed with this!!!
  • Your listing things that are good for us, but not explaining why or how to go about all the methods...and you don't respond to comments/questions. Starting to think u just post clickbait for views because more clicks=more money, ur not an advice page at all. Are you a poser??
  • Damn. In the thumbnail I thought those were little tiny slices of pizza....
  • How can we make this
  • Where can I get this or how can I make it lol
  • Umm
  • Los quiero
  • Yummy!!!
  • This looks so good! ❤️
  • Thank.s cheri c gentil