Putting in the first layers of some new pieces I started. This is always the most fun part, looking for the appropriate textfragments to integrate even though they will eventually disappear along the process. #marleenpauwels #marleenzefizanart #BTS #studiovisit #emptiness #abandonedspaces #minimalist #artwatchers #Saatchi_gallery_artist @Saatchiart @susanmccarelart
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  • 🤙🏼😁
  • Oh Marleen ik vind ze zo al mooi
  • @phara_key ah mercie hee Veerleke, ik ook eigelijk ;)
  • The text fragments are not arbitrary?
  • @gambitadebxl no Evelyn they are always relevant to the work although they often disappear under the different layers of paint afterwards
  • @marleenzefizanart fascinating!
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