Marleen Pauwels

SITTING PRETTY 1 and 2 Two of my favourite recent pieces. Originally thought as a dyptic but finally sold one of them to a collector in California and kept the other one. #marleenpauwels #marleenzefizanart #Saatchi_gallery_artist #blue #art_peoplegallery #art_intro @saatchi_gallery @saatchiart #minimalist #sunlight #homestyling #interiordesign #artgalleries
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  • Lovely Marleen. Great composition.
  • @granslosa_uttryck thank you Sören 😘 😘
  • Ook mijn favorietjes ❤️
  • @veroniquelangouche merci! 😘
  • your art certainly gets me thinking Marleen! always a story 🙌🏻🤩♥️
  • @susanmccarrellart thank you Susan and yes there is indeed always a story behind each one of them.;)
  • Gorgeous Marleen ! Love love your mood and congratulations! 🌹🌹🌹
  • Thank you Marleen. It’s getting nearer and nearer!! I’ll be there soon xx amazing painting xxx
  • @riefroehlich thank you Rie! Feels good to get compliments from artists whose work I admire 😘
  • @slipperylittlepickle69 thank you my favourite follower and artlover!😘😘will send you a PM
  • @marleenzefizanart Marleen...I’m upside down now... 🙃🌹I’m the one try to study your “mood” from the very first time I saw your work!! 😘🙏🌹
  • @riefroehlich thank you 😘 😘
  • Cada día que pasa más interesante y más perturbador
  • @piquenavarro gracies Ramon! Me has hecho el día 😘
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