Marleen Pauwels

SWIM TEAM 1 I started to introduce those two almost invisible little figures about two years ago, first hesitating if they would fit in, and finally realising they create the perfect balance into my work. So they will probably be around for a while. #marleenpauwels #marleenzefizanart #swimteam #diving #blue #minimalism @art_intro #Saatchi_gallery_artist @saatchiart #RiseArt #thoughtprovoking #architecture #emptyspace #emptiness #solitude
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  • Wow, love it!
  • When I was a kid we often went to an olympic pool...the top diving board felt like this. I did jump on a few occasions...🤩
  • Dig it!
  • @tmdougherty thanks Mike
  • @susanmccarrellart, I only jumped once and hurt my belly real bad, never did it again but admired immensely the divers who did
  • @ilya_kravchik thank you Ilya.
  • @marleenzefizanart I have been meaning to go back to see how actually high they were 😆probably not high at all
  • Always good
  • @stwestonphotography thanks Stuart xx
  • That is lovely.
  • @tinyepics thank you
  • @susanmccarrellart 😁😁 well at least you can keep the memory of them being real high, just to keep that feeling of achievement alive;)😘
  • @marleenzefizanart memories are great that way xo
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