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My not-so-baby sister, Elise, was just accepted as a transfer to Lowell High school in San Francisco! For those of you who don't live there, this is the city's "smart" public high school that I was totally rejected from. She's been commuting across town to Burton for the past year, where she had no friends or classes/extracurricular activities that she was interested in. After the year she's had, she really deserves this. Finally, some good news for my family! ❤️✨👍 #vibes #love #sisterlove #selfie #cute
여름 젤 좋아하는데.. 너 변했어 이렇게 덥진 않았잖아..
Innocent Eve Instagram Throw Back Tuesday :) ... See you beautiful people again soon at Railway Hotel Heyfield! 💕 #instagramfollow @innocent_eve