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Hola ! Feliz miércoles ! Ombliguito de semanaaaa ! Yeeeii ! Estoy esperando a Wayne que salga de la escuela ! Y es cuando aprovecho para tomarme selfies 🤳! Pero nada más cuando ando chula ! Hoy no estoy haciendo vlog pk grabe para mi otro canal (IsabellaBeauty) ya no lo quiero descuidarlo tanto ! Así que como quiera trabaje 🙌🏻 les deseo muy bonito resto del día ! Los quiero 😘💕💕😍 #selfie #deldia #miercoles #bonitodia
Because it’s finally starting to feel a little fall in AZ! At least until 10 am then all bets are off and we’re back to sweating 😅🙄 ps. It’s not pumpkin spice coffee....
This is my #nofilterphotochallenge. All to often I use a filter or edit my pictures.. but After I took these I asked Steffen “which do you like better”.. and he picked the raw, unfiltered ME! I’ve began doing this LONG ago in Microsoft Editor.. and then I wonder why I am NEVER satisfied with pictures? It has gone so far that I will see someone on Facebook and not even realize who the picture is of! Look.. I love a nice Snapchat or Instagram filter and editing too.. probs more than most.. but I challenge all of you gals and guys out there to go get prettied, Fox your hair, feel good about yourself and take an unedited/unfiltered picture! Post or tag me because I want to see those beautiful faces.. show it off!!
When your friends make fun of you for buying a crab-shaped purse, but they still indulge you... that means they secretly want a crab-shaped purse too, right? Or I guess they could just be good friends. 🦀
PR Week Awards! 💕👌🏻