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To do: Tantric chants turning into desperate screams. Saying exactly what the ruling powers want us to believe and be. Music with a Hindu style root note... Continuous, haunting beautiful yet terrifying. Juxtaposition of chants that seperate us from the establishment, but the chants are exactly what they want. 🌹
کاش میشد بچگی را زنده کرد کودکی شد کودکانه گـریه کرد شعر قهر قهر تا قیامت را سرود! آن قیامت که دمی بیشتر نبود فاصله با کودکی هایمان چه کرد؟ کاش میشد بچگانه خنده کرد! حال امشبم رو هيچكس نميفهمد WHAT IS WRONG IN MY LIFE ?:/ #mood #night #forgiveme
I love him to pieces, he took my phone and I had to go get my whoops ❣️ (sav)
The girls.
Can you say love at first sight 😍🤤😍🤤