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Beginner Jam Skate trick 5, the kicketty kick kick trick, I should have put out a hat 🎩, the things you do 😱
Golf in the park? Of course we can!! The Red Hill Special School adventured down the road to the local park to advance their already awesome skills. The students loved the open space and the ability to really give the ball a hit. We love that we can play golf anywhere, we love it more that our programs are inclusive and give everyone a chance to play. #golfbeginshere #everyonecanplay #inclusive #golf
Ready steady go! 🏃🏽‍♀️shuttle runs for everyone this morning! 😉Still spots for Thursday.....stop thinking about it and DO IT!! 👊
Going for a ride on a whomping willow. Hold on!
This vine looked very much like a girl...