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I made this in 5 seconds guys, so don't yell at me for not making this a quality produced movie that will win every Grammy ever. But, I just wanted to say I had a great time in NYC with my bros @gavin_hill._ @devin.hoskins_ . We were able to experience all the beautiful wonders of the city, and meet some very interesting people. We went into endless stores, haggled down a $85 "rolex" to $45 from some sketchy guys in the corner, saw some guy wearing a bathrobe talking about the Lion Kingdom, watched a naked cowboy in times square playing songs on a guitar, and saw people doing things that health class said to say no to. And to finish it off, my middle aged white mom that drives a prius was rapping and almost fought Elmo in times square. 10/10 would do it again 😂
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@dudina_katyaa мне кажется мой инстаграмм теперь твой🙈 Буду разбавлять ❤️ Photo @natellla Makeup @desocoru
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