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Can’t wait for Nationals!
When you combine toast with PB, banana & fig syrup I can’t say yes fast enough! Looking forward to this morning’s post- workout refuel complete w/ alllll the goods thanks to this inspo from @healthy_belly. Carbs + healthy fats + protein = the perfect combo for both gains + feeling your best all day long! Happy #toasttuesday my loves! 📸: @healthy_belly
새벽부터 일어나더니 둘이 다정히 드라마 시청하고 계시네 나 먼저 씻을게
Belajarlah dari sebuah kesalahan, karna dari kesalahanlah kita tau apa yang perlu kita perbaiki
👻BREAKING NEWS👻 The Struby's Next stop CUBA !!!!!! 2018 !!!! Let us know where you have stayed and what we should do !!!!