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. Ep. 03: "Getting Your Head Around It." . Confusion brought about by a cataclysmic purpose shift triggers a chemical response mechanism in the body reserved for just such an occasion. As though history had proactively prepared us for an environment it couldn't imagine. One that shook our own construct. How it survived dormant through so many generations of acceptance is a mystery. But inherent in its survivalist strength is the power of its effect. Primarily... amenability. . The Public documented this as long as 100 years ago in private laboratories. Using early AR, test subjects were exposed to post paradigm trial worlds - they changed sense of right and wrong. Amenability, unexpectedly, became the predominant through-line. . The lesser-discussed side effects - aimlessness, headaches, bouts of empty crying - those were buried. Multiply this by millions. Millions of aimless amenables - you, me, him, her, mom, dad, sis - all caught in a physiological tug-of-war: disorientation v acceptance. If you can imagine it. If you can sense the magnitude of that kind of existential reckoning. If you can do that, then you’ve got your head around the End Of The Shift."