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Hell naw, y'all done gentrified sausages too? lol 😂😂😂
Lesser Richard Branson ventures.
I'm too hard for the fuckin radio
Baby 👶🏽 love
Babe you are my world fr like I can go all day talking to u , I know I be sayin shit I don’t need to be fuckin saying but if I ain’t care I would not bring it up you kno that an yeah we both been hurt plenty of times but just know I am not them niggas an I ain’t tryna hurt u An don’t wanna hurt u , I like seeing that smile an hear u laugh we both goofy Asf an wen we away from each other I miss u even more u really a female I can see my self with for a long time An I like that I don’t want any temporary shit this is what I want glad u came into my life , An what I like u wanna see a nigga do good u Really the right one for me ❤️
And I don’t want the world to see me
‘Cause I don’t think that they’d understand
When everything’s made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am.
Real talk, caring for a bunny with a disability is hard work. Sweet Pickles needs oral and topical meds twice a day, special litterboxes, vet bedding, butt baths, monthly vet appointments, and lots of extra TLC. But at the end of a long day when work, commuting, chores, and other hoomin problems feel overwhelming, getting a snuggle from Pickles makes everything worth it. ❤️ I’m grateful that Pickles and I have support from so many places! Pickles has an adoring bunwife, the best vets, an amazing bunnysitter, cousin buns, and a supportive bunny community. So to all the pet parents caring for a special needs animal, thank you and remember you’re not alone! 🙏 #Adoptdontshop #petsagram #rabbitsofinstagram #rabbigsofig #instabunny #pets #rabbit #rabbits #bunny #bunnies #houserabbit #oakland #bayarea #pet #furbabies #rescue #ilovemypet #petsofinstagram #berkeley #sf #pickles #wednesday #realtalk #specialneedspets #disabledpets #puppybunny #bunnycommunity