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Life is like a chess game,at the end the King and the pawn are in the same box♦️🃏🎈♥️
Boys on fire 🔥 deepa goes well 💯
She's the little girl that loved Barney and all thanks to her I can still recite every Barney song imaginable. She's the hype girl who was ride or die to build a fort and play pretend with me. She's the loyal girl who at 3 years old told my dad, "Better be nice to her or I'll kick your ass!" She's the cool girl who I would pick up from school and jam out to Jason Mraz with. ( imagine if you would have never picked up that CD at Best Buy?!!) She's the badass girl who taught me that life is very fragile but to be a fighter. She's the sweet girl I fell in love with as my baby sister the moment I first saw her chubby cheeks and little curls! Rose, from the very first birthday to your birthday today it's amazing where our sisterhood has taken us and I'm so grateful to have a little sister exactly the way you are. I love that no matter how far apart we are, we always pick up right where we left off and nothing between us has changed. I love you and I'm beyond words proud of you. Happy birthday lil' seeester!!! @reallyrosie1992 XoxoXOxOXoxOxo (❤️📸: @sarahsotro )