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I️ know it’s a week early but I️ am just feeling so thankful today. Legitimately and genuinely thankful to have found my place in the “workout world” and a community that is #strong in many ways. Today would’ve been a day I️ struggled with motivation to workout... it’s rainy, I️ miss @brianjscanlon & the pups, I️ have had a few busy work days/not enough sleep, I️ am NOT winter gal and it’s closing in, and I️ have a timeline with work tonight. Luckily I️ had planned to meet up with @danioliveri at the gym she trains @ehscmanchester and not only did my squat session go great, I️ found another #powerlifter who loves cardio 🤣🙏🏻 she suggested I️ do a @matrixfitnessusa treadmill program that consisted of 9-10mph sprints up a hill(note:death but awesome) and then I️ returned the favor and suggested 100 cal of sled pushes (terrible idea hahaha) The past week I️ have had the opportunity to workout at different gyms and meet different strength coaches and athletes... I️ am thankful for the #community
Jam-packed Mat Pilates Class🌞 Hearts are full today♥️ #Pilates