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Some interesting new media art installed at #WSKAxis2017 : #FestivaloftheRecentlyPossible in CSB-SDA. We got there 5 mins before closing but was able to do a quick run through. This one’s my personal favorite by Japanese artist #TsuyoshiHisakado, entitled “After That”. Highly contemplative. The pics won’t do justice to the actual experience. Go check out the show while you can! #WSKAxisFestival2017
Sick errand day 😫 survived.
“I don’t follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them.” - Veronica Lodge 💋🔪✨ #halloween2017🎃
Interstices :Manifolds of the In Between. A Multimedia art exhibition Presented by WSK Festival, Japan Foundation Manila, and De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts. Featuring Japanese and Filipino Multimedia Artists.
Whenever I feel bad, whenever I feel strange, Jesus is always there to make me feel great again. Thank you for the warm embrace, my Lord!
I am a part of Katsuki Nogami's "Yamada Taro Project"! Be part of this live performance at the Intramuros Open house this Friday. #wskaxis2017
Tad Ermitaño's "Spinning Jimmy v 2.0" Seen at #WSKaxis2017 see all the works at the "Interstices" exhibit on view at the 6th floor of St. Benilde SDA until November 3.
Interstices Media Art Exhibition in the School of Design and Arts building