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(Swipe right for my breakdown of the Brand New Beat)! Making the 'brand new' beat happened really really quickly. I find that when producing beats around 100bpm, the drum patterns don't have to be crazy - it's standard 4 on the floor. It's more about the rhythm of your sounds, creating a swing between the melody and the drums. I threw the beat together in about 45 minutes. Loges immediately began recording and freestyle almost the entire first verse, it was crazy. We wrapped it up in about 90 minutes. Might be the quickest song we've ever made! Hope you guys like it!
• S U S T A I N A B L E F A S H I O N • @thegarmentlife is holding a real model call for their next photo shoot at the beginning of Nov. They are focusing on inclusivity and diversity so head on over to their feed to enter! ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿
Pretty excited and a little nervous! I will be on Global News tomorrow morning at 8:40 talking about fairy gardens. Time to spread the word about the importance of sparkles TO THE WORLD!!!!!!