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chef bourdain doing his thing
It wasn't until a few months ago that I started doing all the groceries. It's shocking to see the amount of plastic we go through at the supermarket alone, a plastic bag for every bit of fruit or veg we buy. Criminal! It's easy to point the finger at corporations and play the blame game but it has to start with us. Buy a reusable bag for your goods and paste all those bar code stickers on one bag, it's a start. Make sure your household or every household for that matter does the same. Educate, let's start being a proactive society ✊🏾 #reuse #reduce #recycle #srilanka #letsdothis
Friday shines in the hearts of Muslims you are among those who will receive Blessings and Peace of Friday Prayers.
Not messed up apparently. But straighter than it should be with spasms. Ouch my head. Lucky the kinesthetics (playing tomorrow night) are not a heavy metal band #thisisnotatumor
"I'm Starting To Get That Fuck It Attitude About Everything "