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Today is day 1 of no Monster energy drinks. @akrushelniski from @sector6supplements said that #acuts amino energy drink would make healthy replacement, and he was more than right. It tastes amazing, feels fantastic and I'm not polluting my body with those things. # #nomoremonsters
Get your #flexfriday supplement fix at @sector6supplements. He has tons of selection and has a wealth of product knowledge and experience. Give @akrushelniski a visit and stock up on regular/sale items. #Repost @sector6supplements ( @get_repost) ・・・ . 💨Some Smokin Deals💨 . Karbolyn 2lb Save $5! Isoflex 2lb Save $8! Go-Time Save $8! PEScience Vegan Select Save $5! CytoGreens Save $10 Anabolic State 30 Serv Save $6! 💥 Deals on until Sunday night 👌 . . . #sector6supplements #smokindeals
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. 💥MCT Oil💥 MCT's are absorbed directly from the gut to the liver, where they are burned quickly for energy. . -100% Naturally Sourced -Mixes great with coffee and shakes -Made from organic coconuts -Sustained and natural energy -Certified Vegan -Certified Paleo -Gluten Free . 👌Perfect for a Ketogenic Diet . #sector6supplements #mct #oil #healthyfats #sportsresearch
. 💥New Product Samples 💥Product and Label Info 💥Nutrition Info 💥Workout Prize Packs . . Join Sector 6 tomorrow from 10am-3pm at Ethel Tucker Park in Okotoks for Fitness and Supplement information while tasting some great new products!!! . 💪S6 Athlete @kb_fit will be there providing tips and tricks on different strength and core training👊🏻💥 . Hope to see you there 😀 . #sector6supplements #yogatoks #okotoks #information #fun #sun #knowledge #is #gains
. Perfect ANYTIME pick-me-up drink #ieatprotein REAL Iced / Hot Coffee with Hi-Protein☕️ - Real Premium Coffee 21 grams of whey protein isolate 150 mg of caffeine 0 Sugar - 👉🏼Available in 3 delicious flavors! 1. Hazelnut 2. Regular 3. French Vanilla . . . #sector6supplements #proteincoffee #protein #pickmeup
. @bioscancanada will be doing body scans Tomorrow. A couple spots left!!! . The scans provide: -Skeletal Muscle Mass -Total Body Fat (% and Lbs) -Total Body Water -BMR and Total Energy Expenditure -Fitness Age and Fitness Score -Segmental and Muscle Fat Analysis . $50 per Scan . . There is a sign up sheet at Sector 6 Supplements or you can DM to book your spot! . #sector6supplements #bioscan #
. New addition to the pre workouts: Mammoth Pump -3g Citrulline Malate (Pump) -1.5g Beta-Alanine (Lactic Acid Buffer) -750mg Creatine HCL ( Fuels ATP and promotes stamina and power to fast twitch muscles) -500mg Agmatine Sulfate (Pump) -200mg Caffeine (Stimulant) . . . #sector6supplements #mammothpump #preworkout
. A new Addition to Sector 6 Supplements: 💥Smart Sweets😋 -24g plant based fibre -No Sugar -No Alcohols -No Artificial Sweetners -4 Juicy Flavours -9g Net Carbs . Perfect for a prep or a sweet guilt free treat! . . . #sector6supplements #smartsweets