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quería ser popular. 🤠🤠
Love my job.
「 sweet but a psycho 」
Si, sé sonreír.
In Ring Promo for @championsofthegalaxy 205 Live - - “Man Oh Man what a week it has been I mean think about it I became Cruserweight Champion and Mari Kanellis my beautiful wife became United Women’s Champion and we’re both the Raw General Managers clearly if you couldn’t tell were taking over 205 Live and Raw. 205 Live tho man I’ve heard stories about you many how dead you are and all of that! Which is why I’m here as your new Cruserweight Champion and unlike Kalisto I will make 205 Live alive once and for all! And if you don’t think 205 Live is dead well you must be that damn stupid think about the GM Drake Maverick disappeared on us and is nowhere to be found and half of the 205 Live roster went up to Raw or Smackdown! If you ask me I’m the only great thing left here which is why as part of being Cruserweight Champion I need to be the best Champion for my brand which is why I’m making a proposal at Crown Jewl I have to prove I’m a worthy champion to all you sick disgusting people so at Crown Jewls I’m challenging the UK Champion Pete Dunne to a non title champion vs champion match if he’s smart he will except my challenge if not I guess that shows your a coward and don’t deserve the UK Championship please Pete except and you won’t regret it will steal the show! I can assure it! #얼스타그램  #オルチャン  #オルチャンメディア  #セルカ  #今日のメイク  #今日のコーデ  #コーディネート  #ファッション  #コスメ  #リップ  #メイク  #いいね返し  #ザラジョ  #カフェ巡り  #プチプラ  #エチュードハウス  #スタイルナンダ  #コスメ好きさんと繋がりたい  #韓国ファッション  #韓国  #韓国旅行  #韓国好きな人と繋がりたい  #お洒落さんと繋がりたい  #サロンモデル  #韓国コスメ  #モウダ  #얼짱  #셀카  #openrp
HOUSEGUEST #10 🌤 — Name: Jack Matthews Age: 28 Occupation: Personal Trainer — Prediction: 8th Place — I don’t care for him. I don’t hate him or love him. He’s eh on me right now. So I’m gonna give him 8th Place because I’m in a good mood. — Layout idea goes to: @robbedjurors & @parvati_slays