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Grandma CC—Can’t believe it’s been 15 years since I last saw you 😢 I miss u so much. Love u forever ❤️💔💗
Rest in peace Russell lewry you got taken away from all your loved ones 15 years ago today. What a tragic loss for a man who was loved by many and who had so much potential in life. I'll never forget you coming round to mums and me and meg making you watch spice girls the movie with us. I hope your looking after Bryan for us 🖤 #restinpeace #restinpeacemate #15yearsagotoday #15yearsago #tooktooquick #missyou
15 years ago a chance encounter at a Publix grand opening our paths crossed and we became good friends, even went our separate way........ who knew what the future had in store!! Tomorrow we celebrate 7 years of marriage 💗