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#workoutwednesday started with a steady 36.4mins (7.3km) #run but in general seems to be a hungry 😝Wednesday!! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️After #running steady monday evening, easy tuesday morning and intervals last night on the track with 11x400m in 83-87 sec (It was soo windy and I felt not in the best shape so I did 6 reps, paused one and did another 5. Each time it was about 60sec recovery.) my body feels quite worn out and I can feel the need for some recovery. My legs didnt want to go uphill this am! But it was fine on the flat parts of my run. I tend to also get really hungry the day after a hard workout day and not on that day. Luckily I have something nourishing and delicious in my hands. I love this cacao #proteinbar and looking to soon sell it as well. If you can't be bothered to make them at home 😋 Tomorrow will be my #restday - I hate rest days! But I am running a #5k on Friday in #hydepark so I need to give my legs some rest. Hoping for a new PB- if this wind decides to slow down a bit!!! What's your fav snack for those days where you are just ravenous? #pb #chasingdreams #progress #runninggirl #protein
Hi everyone! Help our teens get to Camp and Steubie this summer! Sign up online (website on flyer) for our First Annual LIFE TEEN 5K! Join us March 4th at 8AM for a FUN run/walk. Starting line will be behind Montana Mike's. #LifeTeen #Camp #Steubie #Teens #Community #5K #FUN
Are you a fair weather runner?🏃🏃🏃 How do you train in the winter months- carry on regardless what ever the weather or use the gym treadmill? 🌬🌨⛆ I love running but hate the cold and wet- cannot wait for the warm weather ☉🖒 Image via @running.alexandra
Únete a esta causa!!! #Repost @caminadiabetes with @repostapp ・・・ Únete a este causa y apoya la lucha contra la Diabetes, ayudemos a los pacientes que padecen esta enfermedad con nuestro aporte y participación activa. Para más información ingresa a la página web . 1ra. Edición - MUÉVETE CONTRA LA DIABETES - Caminata 5k - Organizada por Rotary Cachamay y Fenadiabetes. Solo 500 cupos. . Dom/02/Abril/7am - Parque La Llovizna - Ciudad Guayana. . @rotarycachamay @fenadiabetes @rotary_vidasaludable @librerialatina @unionradionet @roraimasocial @lalloviznarunners . #PuertoOrdaz #Venezuela #diabetes #caminata #5k #vidasaludable #salud #deporte #bienestar #parquelallovizna
🍮 Panna Cotta và Khúc Bạch 🍮 Em nấu xong hết rồi mai có mà bán sớm cho mấy bạn đẹp nha 😂 Nhớ mai mua nha mấy đứa 😌😌😌 ❎Panna Cotta : #12K 〰 Việt Quất , Dâu Tây , Chocolate , Đào , Matcha , Chanh Dây ❎ Khúc Bạch : #5K ( 5 Viên ) Dùng trong trà sữa nhoa, em bán kèm thôi ko bán riêng ahihi
Are you a #5kathoner? Yes? Enter to win the 5k-a-thon-er shirt! Just double-tap this photo and tag a friend. Must be a follower to win. Winner announced on Monday the 27th.
Another 5k done with @weronicaling and I shaved 30 seconds off my last time. Slowly slowly getting closer to my 25 minute target by summer. Thank you Puma for another gruelling evening, I loved every minute #puma #ignitedxb #supersport #5k
My bags are packed, I'm ready to go! Yours truly will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Disney! I'll be participating in the #5k and making a long weekend out of it. Watch my page for pictures, information, and maybe a contest! °o° #disneyworld #magickingdom #vacation #myturn #girlstrip
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La disciplina tiene dentro de ella el potencial para crear futuros milagros. -Jim Rohn