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Alright another successful day of #lessontime is in the books 📚😉! Angie flew through her #decimal #addition & her #fractions to #decimals to #percentage #worksheet 😉! Oh Yeah, Dorrien broke out the #fingers for counting by fives & twos with #multiplication 🖐🏽! Gianni has to get the concept of counting each picture individually & then adding them all together! We're getting there 😉! #educational #reading #writing #arithmetic #5thgrade #3rdgrade #kindergarten #getinvolved #bestfirstteacher #parenting #learningisfun #lesson
Hello, friend. 😍 5th grade #tcrwp peeps where you at?
As we launch our Writer's Workshop each year, I read students the intro to Ralph Fletcher's book about writer's notebooks. It answers the question "what the heck is a writer's notebook anyway?" And it's so nicely written that multiple years I've had students clap at the end of the chapter 😂 Then, we launch our own notebooks by personalizing a basic composition notebook 📓into something really special. Students bring in photos and poems and stickers and we have a "personalizing party!" I always have extra supplies on hand for those who don't have anything. It's such a fun session, students share supplies, and we end up with notebooks students can't wait to use! 💕 #firstweekideas
One of my favorite things to do is set up a classroom. A really good friend of mine who teaches 5th grade is giving me full reign of her setup this year!!! My focuses will be on making the room inviting, organized, functional, and gender-neutral. I will also keep track of all the 💰 spent because duh- that's important. I will utilize one of @schoolgirlstyle's collections as well. I can't wait to show y'all what I'm up to!!!
Last week of summer school. Messy bun, barely any makeup, and iced coffee without the flavoring I ordered. Loving this filter though! But... #GimmeAllTheCoffee