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Good morning!
Time flies! Getting nostalgic about my fifthies leaving! Throwback to open house night where students made life size (or attempted to) portraits of themselves and wrote a friendly letter to their families about their hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. We set up a classroom scavenger hunt as well, my kids had a lot of fun showing their parents around the room and taking on the "teacher" role for the night! #openhouse #teacher #5thgrade
If you want engagement during library checkout or if your reluctant readers are at a loss for what they enjoy... Bon appetite! Our book tasting was a success! This was our intro lesson to book tasting; students had to fill out their menus for each book they got a taste of and will use it as a reference for the next library time. Up next: book tasting by genres! 📖❤️🍽 #booktasting #library #5thgrade
Leaving notes at the end of the day is an extra way to ensure that my students know how awesome they are! I have a weekly checklist and make sure at the end of each week, each student has received a "love note"! A few of my kiddos still have ones I gave them back in the beginning of the year and hang them on their desks! 💌 #5thgrade #lexia #lovenotes