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peace in me peace for the world
One of my fav gizzy song. . Also, Rat's Nest is soo fucking good!! . Follow @indiehead_69 for more chill music!!
(Pt2 story time) CHILD A FUCKING CHILD WTFFFFFF BUT THE DAD GOT IN THE WAY AND GRABBED HIS KID TO GET OUT THE WAY AND IT WAS LIKE DPFDIEBEDJDIEJSH the lady kept yelling and the dad ran up to the window and started to yell "THAT'S MY FICKING SoN YOU ALMOST HIT" me and Joshua were like Nikkkaa Then they went forward fast me and Joshua hid behind the pole and the car drove off fast and the other people wanted to Chase it!!! Anyway the kid is going to go to school and say "heheh I almost got killed" (if you read all of this comment "f" and I'll get you free food) anyway bruh Milwaukee wack.
So uh.... we almost got KILLED yesterday #storytime • Okay so me and cousin were going to "el rey" a big ass Mexican place here in Wisconsin kinda like Wal-Mart but since 99.99% of people here in Milwaukee are Mexican, black, Asian. We have a Mexican store So! We went to it right? so we started to walk and i askedJoshua "dude what's the worst part of Milwaukee" and he said "north side" (we are south) so as we started to walk and get closer to the store we kept talking on why north is worse so anyway a big ass commotion starts to happen... atleast 10ppl, 1 guard, and me and Joshua. So we were under this like brick wall? (2nd picture) With pillars holding the roof So out of the 10 people there was 1 little boy (he is very important to this story so) anyway so there was a car with a driver and a passenger right? (3rd picture where the truck is) So a white girl and a blAcK girl started to scream at each other and shit so the guard told the woman (black woman) to leave and shit so when they left the person driving SLAMMED ON THE FUCCKING PEDALS AND THE DRIVER BACKED UP FAST AND ALMOST FUCKING HIT A (pt1)
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