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Cacao 100% Raw Chocolate It has been my savior in being off sugar for the past 2 years. Mix it up with some hazelnuts. Some banana to sweeten it up and you’ve got natural Nutella. More Importantly: once you have a few scoops, there is no want for nothing sweet because the mixture is already so rich. Not to mention all the health benefits of Chocolate. Try it out 😎 @lightcellar
We’ve been getting more customers asking about covers lately and while we do have pricing for removable covers you may find it more fun and cost effective to bring us a twin size duvet cover or larger like this customer did. And for no charge we will modify to make at least one cover, or in the case of this awesome sugar skull we made 2 covers for her blanket that she had done in liquid resistant black chevron And don’t forget our weighted blankets are made right here in Calgary.
Wherever you go, leave it better than when you arrived. We all carry energy. Be sure that the energy you bring into this world adds value to others while attracting more of it into your life. ~ @YYCinfluencer 🔑