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“Honour thy father and thy mother...” Exodus 20:12 (KJV). What a pleasure and privilege I had taking my father outside for some fresh air on Monday at his assisted living place!! My father is 88 and a half and has dementia. Mostly, he doesn’t remember who I am, but today, he called me “Paula...Paula!!” Ohhh, how my heart sang with his words!! Thanks, Dad, for remembering who I was, even just for a moment!! Thank You Jesus, for allowing me this pleasure and privilege of having my Dad!! Love you, Pops!! 💙💙 ~ #dad #mypops #lovemydad #lovemymom #thankful #grateful #blessed #family #daddysgirl #manofgod #godisgood #godisgoodallthetime
I'm afraid that the best days of my life are already over. They were probably all spent where I grew up, a place I'm dying to go back to but as of now don't see it happening. The days that comprised of my Nani giving me a bath in a bucket, or my Maasi spoiling a young me teaching me how to smoke with a pencil in the winter time, or my other Maasi massaging my hair with oil, or my Mama taking me to the terrace in his hands and singing old Mukesh songs while rocking me back and forth, or when I had my mother's (sort of) undivided attention. My childhood wasn't normal, people often asked me, "where's your father? Why don't you live with him?" and I didn't really have an answer but it didn't bother me much because I would always go home to 6 people ready to pamper me, click me, kiss me, love me. Those days feel like ancient history now. We've all separated, gone our own ways, I live with my mom but the TV gets more of her attention than I do. My Maasi promised me we would see more of each other once I move to Canada but I saw her more when I was in India, my Mama lives like 15 minutes away and we hardly see each other, I mean I haven't even ever been to his house because his wife wouldn't allow it. And my Nani, she's home, alone. So far away. My heart breaks every morning when I wake up and see where I am, how I'm feeling, how I don't want to go through another day. I cry almost every day, I'm crying while typing this, and I'm going to cry when I'm done. Memories can hurt a lot, and nostalgia can be rather stifling. So yeah, I'm afraid that the best days of my life are already over. And there's not much I can do about it. ; #rant #family #childhood #over #allover
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Waktu begitu cepat berlalu. Di tempat yang sama. Dalam masa yang berbeda. Maya dan Epik Junior di tahun 94 Maya dan Epik Dewasa di tahun 2018 Dan yang terakhir.... Nayla dan Zhafira 2019 Mereka mengingatkan kami pada perilaku kami di masa lalu. Zhafi yang selalu berceloteh dan tak mau kalah sebagaimana abby nya dulu. Nayla yg selalu mengalah mendahulukan orang lain seperti mamahnya. Sifat-sifat itu sama persis. Masya Allah... Semoga kami semua Allah kumpulkan kembali di Jannah-Nya. Aamiin Btw, mirip banget kan Zhafi sama Abby nya waktu kecil?? Hehe #zhafira #time #10yearschallenge #epik #family
That one time at Old Navy when I asked the employees if I could take a family photo. Clearly they said yes. #tbt #oldnavy #fake #family SN: If it took you a second to find me it’s ok, real recognize real 😂