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Rip Rip Rip....... Gone too soon... I never knew you were gonna leave me so soon... #food #foodmunger
Back in Holland and my gosh, it’s sooooo cold in here!!!😅❄️☃️ from 18 degrees to -10 lol. That’s how it feels. When I came home, I called my mom to plan a new vacation together with her and my sister✈️ SO I BOOKED AND IN 2 WEEKS I’M GOING TO COPENHAGEN😍 really cold there but I’m really excited!!!! Oh and btw, I’m doing great and have the time of my life!!!❤️
Sunday morning bacon, eggs & buttered toast. ☕️
Who wants some MOZZARELLA STICK ONION RINGS? Tag someone who would make these for you. via buzzfeedtasty