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Walk 17: Museum of the American Revolution - One of two stunning bronze sculptures depicting famous paintings of the American Revolution. Installed outside the museum, this sculpture represents Washington's crossing the Delaware which was a turning point in the war. It is life size and stunning!!
We went to the Museum of the American Revolution this weekend (in Philly) and it was spectacular. I know this was not the curator's intent, but I certainly understand why "colonial" has been such a dominant aesthetic in American housing - why "Williamsburg" colors so owned the 1980s and continue to reappear in dark & dramatic spaces today and why early Americana-anything has such an enduring charm. I left thinking, "I need to bring some of this badass founding father energy into my home." Clearly I'm not the first to have that thought. ***About this pic - this is my sons mid-headlock, not mid-hug, but the massively-scaled exhibits, art & dioramas captivated my children, even those who can't read and hate museums. #museumoftheamericanrevolution #foundingfathers #yophilly #art #americana #historyiscool
Walk 17: Society Hill - Museum of the American Revolution - Philly's newest attraction opened this past Spring and is the most comprehensive museum on early US history in the country. Here you'll even find George Washington's war tent, a 1770s mug that still smells of rum, and booties made from a Redcoat's jacket!
I got to attend the Visitor Experience Conference in Philadelphia today! 😊 It was a great learning experience, with interesting speakers and sessions (plus, neat nametag swag). And, of course, we had to follow-up with a quick run-through of the new Museum of the American Revolution across the street. 🏛 #VEX17 #museumoftheamericanrevolution
Join #NACE for it's October meeting at the Museum of American Revolution. Our program will include a panel of human resource experts. Enjoy priceless networking, dinner and a great program all while taking in one of #philadelphia 's newest yet most historic premier event venues. A very special thank you to our title sponsor @lafayettehillstudios ! Also to our event sponsors @bvtlive @bvtbands @brulee_catering and @allurefilms ! More info on our site, link in Profile! See you there!
“I have often in the course of this [Constitutional Convention] looked at that sun behind the president without being able to tell if it was rising or setting: but now at length I have the happiness to know it is a rising sun and not a setting sun.” — Benjamin Franklin, 1787. Rising Sun chair, Museum of the American Revolution