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I know I’ve been super MIA in the last two months. I was honestly wondering if I was even going to continue this account or not, cause a lot of the content on my personal is what I would post here. But the Lord has really just put it on my heart to keep going with this account. So here goes!! Your will be done! 🙌🏼 ——————————— I also wanted to let you know that October is Depression awareness month. I’ll be posting more about this throughout the weeks! #speakyourmind #ndsd #depression #awareness #mentalhealth
Crohn's disease, celiac, sucrose (sugar) intolerance (GSID), or IBD are chronic illnesses. The risk of depression is generally 10-25% for women and 5-12% for men. However, people with a chronic illness face a much higher risk -- between 25-33%. Go to the website 👇for facts on depression, and an anonymous depression screening. #nationaldepressionscreeningday #NDSD #mentalillnessawarenessweek #depression #mentalhealth #invisibleillness #sugarspoonie #spoonie #celiac #crohns #ibs #sucroseintolerance #foodintolerance #adrenalfatigue #cfs #ibd
Today is National Depression Screening Day. For more info and online screening tools, see: #ndsd #mentalhealth
The first week of October marks Mental Health Awareness Week, which raises public awareness of behavioral and mental health issues that impact millions of Americans. Stigma and misunderstanding surround behavioral and mental health conditions, and Bailey House works to fight this stigma and provide support to those who need it. As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, National Depression Screening Day was established in 1990 and is recognized each year on October 5th as the first voluntary mental health screening initiative in the U.S. These initiatives reach individuals across the nation with important mental health education. Bailey House has proudly been part of this process by providing mental health services in our licensed clinic since 2013. #MentalHealthAwareness #NDSD #StigmaFree #Thriving
Today is National Depression Screening Day! Get a free mental health screening at #NDSD