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#Repost @drtoddfmg with @repostapp ・・・ 📷Tear troughs injections. Left immediately after injecting with Belotero. Right side no injections. 📝Diagram shows facial anatomy and fat pads. Thinning of fat pad under eye can cause dark circles. 🎯Fill depth in tear trough. Darkness improves with time. Improvements in appearance occur for next 2 weeks. Looks smoother and brighter. TNS Illuminating Cream helps eye color, skin tone and texture. ☎️Call 212-327-1428 #tiredeyes #belotero #darkcircles #fillers #teartrough #fountainmedspa #drtoddfmg #drtodd #skinmedica #facialfillers #eyerejuvenation #beautysecrets #hudabeauty #topdoctors #anastasiabeverlyhills #beautybloger #puffyeyes
Procurando dica do que fazer com o pequeno? Olha só: #Repost @malakoffcafe with @repostapp ・・・ NO PRADO! Garanta logo o passaporte da sua criança de 3 a 10 anos! Vagas limitadas! Vai ter sorteio dos famosos calendários da @FacForm com as ilustrações do livro para os pais ou responsáveis, qua ainda podem participar de uma degustação com cafés especiais! 😆😆😆 Vai ser massa! #opequenoprincipe #cordel #livro #tardedeautografos #malakoffcafe #oficina #kids #criança #ferias #itmommy #blog_mammy #mom
#Repost @yoyo_yogo1 ・・・ Rp by @tattle.tailzz Rp by @projectspringboard Much love and appreciation to @on_my_momma_im_fly @therealtrapkitchen @zoesvintique Island fresh Carribean Cuisines King of Kuts on Crenshaw The Young King Chase Benjamin Vaultz for making this video possible. Black America the time is now. Tell your mom, Dad, brother, sister, friends, cousins, homies and lover's. If they have a dream let's use this platform to get it out to the world and YOU choose who you want to get behind and what business YOU want to develop. D.M. us your videos and let us post you and your dream business! Project Springboard is YOUR PLATFORM, WHERE IT GOES IS DEPENDENT UPON WHERE YOU TAKE IT. Let's build wealth! #projectspringboard #economics #wealth #blackempowerment
Love this so much @ironangel26.2! This is why I follow the real peeps, not the fakes! #Repost @ironangel26.2 with @repostapp ・・・ Here is a throw back. My first squats. August 2013 I decided I was going to be a powerlifter. I didn't even know what that was exactly but I was doing it. This was before social media glamorized it. I signed up for a meet before I had ever deadlifted. I couldn't squat 135 to depth as you can see. I couldnt do a pause rep. I didn't have a coach. I used a bar pad and wore lifting gloves. I studied this sport ever second I could and I learned it all on my own. I fell down and scrapped my knees many times. I cried a lot because of frustration. I have videos to prove that. I lost sleep thinking about training. I wasted money on worthless gear. If I was going to do it all over.. I would repeat ever step took. I learn more from my own failure than anyone could have taught me. 11 weeks after this day I squatted 225, benched 143, and pulled 286 on the platform. 3 1/2 years later... still DRUG FREE my maxes are 315, 225 and 375. Everyone starts off with the bar and doing it all wrong. Remember that the next time you snap a picture of a newbie in the gym just to post it and humiliate that person. Maybe instead you could be encouraging?! I can't scroll feed for less than 10 seconds without seeing a post making fun of another person. #assholes
#Repost @snaybelle ・・・ The rest of America, can you hear the cries of our water protectors while you put a crown on the one who leaves and put a cone of shame on the one that arrives? Let's be real. Both are a disgrace to humanity. #WeAreTheMedia #peaceaccelerators #IndependentJournalism #Dapl #GNC #PeoplePlanetPeace #ItsInOurHands #ItsUpToUs #OurRevolution #PoliticalRevolution #WeThePeople  #ForThePeopleByThePeople #WeAreThe99Percent #WeAreInThisTogether #PeoplePlanetPeace #DonaldTrump #DumpTrump #NeverTrump
Que fofa a Lari minha diva teen perfeita... Eterna Maria Joaquina #Repost @lmanoelaoficial with @repostapp ・・・ Meus amores vim aqui esclarecer o porquê da minha ausência em seguir e curtir fotos aqui no insta. Há uns 2 meses venho com esse problema de "ação bloqueada" relatado pelo Instagram. Com isso fico impossibilitada de curtir, fazer comentários e seguir pessoas e fcs aqui no insta! Acredito que logo esse problema será resolvido e eu poderei voltar a usar o Instagram normalmente! Espero que tenham entendido minha ausência 😉
#Repost @edgeitdog_official with @repostapp ・・・ 👑엣지잇개 런칭기념 리그램이벤트👑 : 안녕하세요😁. 새롭게 런칭한 애견의류브랜드 엣지잇개 입니다💕 : 🌈구찌난다올인원 신상품 출시로 🌈 리그램이벤트🎁를 시작하려고 합니다.! : 첫 이벤트 이다보니 리그램이벤트에 참여해 주시는 분들중 추첨하여 구찌난다올인원을 선물로 팡팡팡🎉 쏴 드릴려고해요🤹🏻‍♀. (완전짱인듯❣,완전개이득❣) : : 엣지잇개 리그램이벤트 참여방법 입니다.! : 🌀1. @edgeitdog_official <-팔로우+좋아요 한다.! : 🌀2. @edgeitdog_official <-리그램게시물에 엣지잇개 신상품을 함께 나누고픈 친구 댓글로 소환하기.! (당첨이벤트 up! up!) : 🌀3. @edgeitdog_official <-이벤트게시물을 리그램 한다!! (<-어플 이용하여 사용하시면 됩니다.!) (💝필수 해시태그💝 #엣지잇개 #엣지잇독 #edgeitdog + #구찌난다 #구찌난다올인원 ) : ⚜TIP.! (리그램게시물에 @edgeitdog_official 아이디 태그하면 이벤트 당첨이 up ! up ! ) : 주의사항.! ( 리그램이벤트 1,2,3번 모두 해주시는 분들께 해당되는 이벤트입니다.)⚜ : 이벤트기간 1월18일 ~ 1월 29일 까지 (설연휴 자정까지!) : 👩🏻‍🏫당첨자 발표는 1월 31일 화요일 오후 !!👨🏻‍🏫 사이즈는 중소형견기준 사이트 참고해주세요.! : 3가지칼라 [시크블랙 , 모던그레이 , 구찌베이지] 6사이즈 [ XS , S , M ,L ,XL , 2XL ] 참고로 모델 배추는 5.4키로에 XL사이즈 착용했습니다.💕 : 😂 엣지잇개 첫 이벤트!! 😍 많은 참여 부탁드려요~~~~💕💗💓❣❗ : : #애견의류 #강아지올인원 #리그램이벤트 #강아지옷 #런칭기념
Работа выпускницы курса Все о мехе. Девочки ещё трудятся над своими изделиями, но в очень скором времени мы увидим их хвасты. А пока самостоятельная работа Натальи. . #Repost @nat79ammos36 with @repostapp ・・・ Благодоря курсам @irina_sarta 😘, первая шапка из цельной шкурки. Не переделка, не утепление, не замена подклада,не из капюшона😱. Смогла✊💪, как думаете удалось? . А впереди ещё шуба😱 . #школашитьяsartaykt #хвастыsartaykt