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Loving by @dianarosalatourt 👩‍🎨 . . Diana weaves the colours, patterns and energy of her Cuban heritage into her paintings. Read our interview with the artist on the blog (link in bio) 🎨
If you didn’t see my post last night, I’m attempting to take better product photos — one of my business update goals ✨ My goal is to be able to show custom and personal work neatly in the same feed without things looking messy and confusing. What do we think of product photos like this? Is it working?
Added a white which has a little transparency to soften and create more tones
I’m attempting a new way of taking product photos, hoping to make my large range of work flow better on my feed. I took a few quick shots today— how do we feel about this shot and continuing in this style?? Your critiques and expertise are welcome here 😊
Riding the Waves - a step in time takes us all a little further along our journey. Sketch to Painting #paulrinneart #RPAF . . To be exhibited at Roy’s People Art Fair: Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, London, 4th-7th April 2019. . . Acrylic on Cartridge Paper | 40x26cm #sketchbook #figurativeart #figurative #figurepainting #abstractfigurative #acrylic #royspeopleartfair #oxotowerwharf #RPAF #abstract #riseart #art_commit #beachart #abstractart #abstractartist #semiabstract #contemporarypainting #artcollector #contemporaryartcollector #ukart #ukartist #londonartist #londonartists
On the easel today. More blue under colour.
Dancing lovers oil on canvas 50 x 40 cm
My new studio
Starting the weekend with some bigger panels
Yesterday’s video shows how I did this one
This video explains the previous picture and the next one. What I sometimes do with left over paint.