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First off- #FUCKTRUMP YOU'RE FIRED BITCH! #howboutdat ... he's influencing ppl to boycott the NFL just because the players or ("you ppl" as gump calls em) want to exercise their rights and not kneel to the bullshit Flag n dumb as #StarSpangledBanner - What ever happened to 1st Amendment? This muhfukka respect this bullshit #AmericanFlag more than #AmericanPEOPLE! All this red sunburn no eyebrows quarter mouth 😯 toupee wearing pussy groping prick wants to do is go to war! He literally wants to destroy us. Why are you FUKKIN with #Korea have U seen their Soldiers? Them muhfukkaz was born to fight n ready to die for their country. I'm not even heavy into politics though I definitely voted for #hillaryclinton - this shit just blew mine.... He has no couth and is unapologetic at the same time. #STAYWOKE shit BOUTTA get trill #Trump #Politics #trumpprotest #trumppressconference #fucktrump #NFL #nflboycott #hetriedit
SO I make have woken up this morning to a blaring alarm at 3am in a bedroom with an air temp of what felt like Antarctica (b/c omg Fall my faaavvv *rolls eyes*), a phone at 6% battery because it became unplugged at some point during the night (first world problems 🙄), and struggled to get ready for work in the darkness because my main light exploded when I went to flip the switch... What a way to start the day amirite? BUT YA KNOW WHAT ELSE? I woke up this morning!!!! & that right there^ was enough reason for me to look past this small series of misfortunes, grab today by its reins and make it my b*tch. &&&&&&!!!!! I get to fall asleep tonight knowing that I did just that. #staywoke #spreadingpositivitylikebutter #yourewelcome
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