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Session shots of a rework in-progress I’m working on! We are adding color and some new structure to this existing black and grey thigh piece done by a separate artist. Next session we will focus on updating the little cub and the cliff, and adding in the watercolor wind carrying the leaves at the bottom. I always love tattooing the night sky and am thrilled with how this rework is coming together so far! Thank you @3chi_hua_hua for trusting me to breathe some new life into this piece! Stay tuned for more updates on this project! . . . . #madebymizzkitty #tattooartist #iowatattooartist #tattoos #tattoo #tattoorework #reworktattoo #wip #inprogresstattoo #tattoomakeover #auroraborealis #auroraborealistattoo #nightsky #ursamajor #colortattoo #tattoosofinstagram #inkstagram #tattooersofinstagram #inklife
Finally putting it together 😊 check below for detailed description! And to see the result, i posted it two posts ago! Because some people don't know how to start armour or properly use foam I thought I'll quickly post my WIPs and explain them. 1. Wrap yourself in foil and masking tape on the foil. Sont cut yourself and get help like I did, it hurts :^) Mark details when wearing it and then cut it out. 2. I copied them on paper because some pieces need to be bend 3. Puzzling on foam, mine was 5mm and low density but I'm not sure about the last one! 4. Glueing time with cement glue and a lot of gesso. I wanted to handpaint it, it took 4 layers of gesso and 3 of my good acrylics (rip bottle now) 5. Trying it in in between. The cape is not attached yet, just the rubber bands for knee and arms. 6. When everything is sealed with varnish I added Velcro for the cape. Anything can be attached with velcro to the clothes below as well, I did it as security measure :) Well that's basically it. I don't know how long it took me 🤣 #fireemblem #fireemblemthreehouses #foam #armour #foamarmour #painted #wip #timeskipdimitri #germancosplay #dimitrialexandreblaiddyd #fedimitri #fedimitricosplay #dimitrialexandreblaiddydcosplay #fireemblemcosplay #fireemblemheroes #fe16
Beanies will be in the shop this week! I’ll have more patterns too. I’m also practicing knitting again, so hopefully I’ll be making more beanies in knit! 😍😍😍 also, we have big plans for my new cricut maker! Keep a look out!!
Chicago Series | 4605 S. Ashland Ave. - dating from the 1930s, this Art Deco building has always been commercial, but lately it has been home to K Hardware (in case that wasn’t obvious).