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This weekend I’m sure all of you have found out that FSW is no longer a place for fun and dancing; it’s a place of harmony and love that will be spread by all means necessary. Deep down there is a champion in all of us. It’s just about how much you’re willing to put on the line for what’s right. Whether you like it or not...this world will move on either within you or without you. 💜✌🏽🌼 photo cred: JD3 Photography #FSW #Tomaste #againstallodds
HertsPrems is celebrating World Premature Day if you are free we would love to see you at our disco PrematuriryIs #AgainstAllOdds
I had to grab some reading material for the flight!! Reading the story in its entirety felt good. I have to honor and respect #Kaep as he has risked everything to make a difference. Much like enlisting to #serve in military, Kaep has chosen to be a small part of something much bigger than himself or the common ‘me, myself and I’s’ of the world. Few people know what serving and sacrifice for a greater purpose looks like. This takes a lot of focus and courage. It is much bigger than a game, a team, a sport, the #NFL, fame, a career, or honoring the flag. I believe his walk will be marveled at and understood further as history continues to be written around him. People will always hate, and most people will misunderstand because of misinformation where they only see what they want to see. I don’t think #Kaepernick was ever a great quarterback, But I was wrong. Kaep is one of the greatest quarterbacks if you look past the game, his stats, and what happens on the field. You have to just consider his heart & humanity. Kaep’s true path was determined long ago and it never was going to be about football. I truly can’t wait to see what #Kaepernick has in mind for this next year. I can finally see why #AgainstAllOdds was tattooed on his chest. It runs deep! #blackballed #Iknowmyrights #CitizenOftheYear #GQ “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive.”
I cannot put into words the amazing time we have had so far at this year’s #destinyexplosion - even the cop who pulled us over tonight felt the anointing and let us go with just a warning! Hallelujah. It’s the #againstallodds factor. @daveajierien you touched our hearts today! May God continually glorify Himself in us, through us and for us all. Amen