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How amazing is this? As most of you know I am a huge fan of Disney. I also collect Disney pins (cuz I'm nerdy🤓). There's one pin that isn't available online or at Disney Paris, only Disney America. I was going to go to America but got snowed in the second time I was too ill to fly. I desperately wanted this pin it has cinderella's castle on the front, and a picture of Walt Disney inside with the quote "it quite fun to do the impossible". My mother posted it on a Disney page we're on asking if anyone would be able to send one out to us and we'll PayPal them the money, we explained how we were going to go out there but weren't able to because of our illness. we had thousands of replies but this amazing man Jim said he'll send one in the post the following morning which I didn't expect, we gave him our address and asked him about PayPal details, we didn't hear anything off Jim for a day or two, So we just assumed he hadn't seen the message or he had forgotten so we just left it at that but then we had a message saying he's sent it. We were so grateful and asked how to pay he didn't reply again. Then this parcel came yesterday morning just read the note. He had bought my pin and bought my mother a throw which probably cost a lot just out of sheer kindness. He also didn't want any payment back, how amazing is that? How amazing is that selfless generosity? Jim who ever you are I hope you are blessed and I hope you have a lifetime of happiness because honestly you deserve it. There are good people all around this beautiful world, and when they shine it makes tomorrow seem like a better place! #ThankyouJim #2017 #Disney #Disneypin #Storytime #WaltDisney #DisneyThrow #Godbless #Amazingguy #disneyfriendshipsareforever