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#bethmoon (Beth Moon: the dragon’s-blood tree) #annabeeke (Anna Beeke: The Threshold (2012), Seattle)
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Sea salt clouds, misty air and organic shapes 🐚 It’s so warm and lovely at the moment but the fashion world has already moved into Spring 2020! 🌧 I gathered together some images- new and old- that make me think of English rain and cooler days x Image sources, starting top left: Photograph by Finn Beale for Cereal Magazine; Performance still by Bas Jan Ader; Photograph from The Row Resort 2020; 1 of 2 photographs by Anna Beeke; Cy Twombly’s studio by Annabelle d’Huart, 1978; 2 of 2 photographs by Anna Beeke; Photograph by Robbie Lawrence for Cereal Magazine; Hillier Bartley Resort 2020; Photograph by Bill Brandt x
Quando cerchi , disperatamente , una scusa per un paio di scarpe nuove , l’ armadio é l’ultimo posto in cui guardare ! Ph : #annabeeke . - - - La buona ragione ? 3x2 sulle calzature Pe 2019
We begin inspiration for our new theme STILL LIFE with Anna Beeke ( @abeeke) with her gorgeous, melancholic series ‘Amsterdam’. • The series is named after the town in upstate New York rather than its counterpart in the Netherlands, and the abandoned, dilapidated buildings nestled among quiet streets are in stark contrast to the imagery associated with the latter. This city has been in a state of physical and economic decline since the waning of its carpet manufacturing industry, and that decline, that idea of what once was, is no better visualised than in its crumbling walls, dusty floorboards, rusting metal and littered carpets. • Beeke’s fragile, empty images are deeply atmospheric and richly evocative. She puts it beautifully in her statement: “I recognize myself in Amsterdam, I find myself, and I also often feel completely lost”. • Image by Anna Beeke. See more on her Instagram page (linked above) and at • #annabeeke #inspiration #stilllife #amsterdam #photoproject #stilllifephotography #urbandecay #socialdocumentary #documentaryphotography #fineart #visualarts #instadaily #urbanandstreet #urban #suburbia
What was once an industrial printing facility, our friends @workshopapd converted into a multi-family. The floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light, and provide a natural backdrop for artwork by #AnnaBeeke. Design by Workshop/APD. Photos by @garruppo.
Anna Beeke ( @abeeke) for @rustbeltbiennial Looking back on Amsterdam, 10 years ago. When I was a PJ student at ICP, I chose to document this upstate town as my long term project. The financial crisis had just hit and businesses were closing left and right, but Amsterdam had already been in a post industrial decline for decades. Once a textile and carpet manufacturing mecca (also home of the former Cabbage Patch Kid factory!), the city, like so many cities, fell on hard times when factories moved elsewhere. There were “zombie” homes and stores all over the place, abandoned in the foreclosure process. Being shy and young and super unsure of myself and my choice to document a community not my own, it was much easier for me to sneak into these places and make pictures of pretty decay than it was to ask strangers to let me photograph them. But eventually I did, because the decline is just one small slice of the story of Amsterdam, which in other ways is so full of life; a wonderful, vibrant community. I met some of the most amazing people who let me into their lives (some for the day and some for years) and learned so much about myself and doc work in the process. 🙏🏻 Amsterdam ❤️ ---- #rustbelt # #ourstreets #streetphotographer #photography #photo #documentary #myfeatureshoot #photooftheday #photographylovers #photodocumentary #photostory #objectivelysubjective #AnnaBeeke #ny #newyork #americana #streetphoto #photographylovers #photostory #photographer #photooftheday #fineartphotography #portrait
*NEW ON OUR BLOG* Meet @abeeke - a talented photographer who immersed herself entirely with a subject to capture the most intimate moments. From wild forests to cruise ship holidays, this lady makes a extraordinary choices regarding her subjects. RG via @abeeke 📸 #photography #ann #linkinbio