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Last month the baptism and holy communion of my two cousins. I love doing my kissy face 😘 😊
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Some of you that have been here awhile will recognize this design, and to all of you that are new, welcome! . Nearly one year ago I started playing with a scroll saw. I had just started back at painting (after a 10 year break!) and my client commissioned a horse painting for a wedding gift. I remember thinking, hmmmm...I wonder if I can do a painting out of wood?! . My client gave me the green light to try, and I started by drawing up a template. I was timid and not quite sure what the heck would happen. But, I held my breath for nearly 2 hours, cutting out each sliver of wood, ultimately creating one of my favorite designs to date. . This is the fourth time I've created this piece and it still challenges me in such a great way. The next few pieces will be in this puzzle piece style, for a farmhouse series. I've got a rooster next, which I also made nearly a year ago. Then I'm pushing myself to try a barn, cow and an old rusty truck with flowers. I hope you'll enjoy this new series!