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This will be the second time that I have posted something about terrorism and how yet another tragedy has happened. This time it has hit Manchester, last time New Year's in Turkey, before that San Bernardino, earlier a gay bar in Florida, previously an Airport in Belgium, and, the most devistating, Paris. How long will we have to withstand these attacks? Or is this the new normal? To be paranoid of large crowds of people, feeling better about missing an event because you avoided a possible terrorist attack, thinking "if there was a terrorist attack in the next few seconds, what would I do?". What would you do? What is us as a nation and as an international community going to do? #condolences #manchester #staystrong #rosiethereviter #art #sketch #watercolor
Zombie guitarist. I'm taking $11 or $10 for this, if you want to bargain #art
Keep Calm ! #afterpay is here🙌🏻💃🏻online & instore You're welcome 😉