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Coil Pots: a modern take on Ancient Greek pottery #soproud #multiplepicpost #arted 😁🏺🎨🗺️ Also on Tuesday I get to see my new classroom!! 🤗
✔️ART MUSEUM TIP FOR FAMILIES . Find works of art with people striking interesting poses or donning strong facial expressions. 😜😩😵😆Use your bodies to imitate what you see! Here I am with a Rodin sculpture doing the "All the Single Ladies" pose. 💍😂 . Slide left to see some examples of artworks that would be fun to imitate. These works are all housed in the Glyptoteket Museum in Copenhagen. #lifeimitatesart #arthistoryforkids #knudsenshuskerducopenhagen
تكنيك سياه قلم A gift to dear Ayako ! 😇 親愛なる綾子への贈り物! 🦋🤗
Artist 4th Grader: Ellen. Pop Art Paper Mache Food Sculptures. We have some future artists on our hands! #arted #kidsart #arteducator