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Monday's motivation was a test — did you ACTUALLY make something? 🤔 We want to see! Let us know in the comments and we'll check out your masterpieces. 👇
Winter break has me thinking about all the fun we had in art class last week. K,1, and 2 students learned about Kandinsky's "noisy" paintings and got to compose their own drawings that corresponded to 6 very different pieces of music. It was so awesome to watch them think about what they were hearing and associating it with lines, shapes, and colors. The best part was telling them there were no wrong answers: "So we can draw ANYTHING? With ANY colors??" #arteducation #arted #kandinsky #thenoisypaintbox #artandmusic #elementaryart
One of my Studio classes had their first mini critique today! We only analyzed a few pieces of artwork to ease them into the process. Some students were a little nervous but it was a super encouraging and supportive environment. Great job today!! #middleschoolart #handscape #surrealism #artcritique #arteducation
Welcome to our new art teacher, Vanessa Gonzales! Ms. Gonzales will be an integral part of our ARTreach program, and has started teaching elementary school art classes in the Espanola School District.