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#wip Time Lapse of last nights design. Created on Apple IPad Pro.
Busy creating in Green Art today!
B u i l d • y o u r • L i b r a r y
My students are about to start a reductive carving assignment. The assignment is based off a mixture of the Bauhaus idea of the hand sculpture (a sculpture that is conceived and perceived with touch as a focus) and the observation and reproduction natural forms. This netsuke (18th century, artist unknown) is, to me, a beautiful mixture of natural form and tactile experience as it would have been used on a drawstring as part of pouch commonly worn during the Edo period. I have always been fascinated by netsuke and I am so excited to share this with my students! (📸 by @metmuseum one of the many public domain images from their site!)
#gettingmessy in our mixed media mania after school class! We're experimenting with several painting and printing techniques to develop color and texture... there might be a little oil pastel and charcoal in our future for next weeks experiments! #arteducation #creativeplay #knowwhatmatters
Catch me shaping future generations, helping children discover their passions, and promoting the importance of art in this world how bout dat #arteducation #vcuarts