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Working out my schedule and meal ideas to stay on point and help others stay on track as well!
Познакомились с молодой художницей Анастасией Сапожниковой, а также с её работами, которые теперь украшают наше пространство зала тренингов. Анастасия - член союза художников России, у неё очень сильная, яркая, эмоциональная живопись. Картины в супрематическом стиле, очень красочные, живые, и стильные, #psy_project_enigma #art #art🎨 #artteacher #artterapy #russianart #psychology #психология #психологияотношений #психотерапия #тренинги #художница #художники #живопись #искусство #краски #арттерапия #психолог #сексолог #bekievaviktoriia
This poor thing is cutting molars right now 😢 She has a fever and is extra cuddly. I remember before coaching I would have to call in, make sure I had sub plans ready & use up my sick days, etc. Now I just get to work from my phone when she naps. I could even not work at all and call in to no one because I'm my own boss but I love what I do so much when I don't plug in to my business I miss it. You could have that passion & freedom too. But that's on you tho 💕✌️💌 I'm doing a "what is coaching?" call tomorrow. For now just gimme all the snuggles!
EXCITING NEWS!! The author of Beautiful Oops (among many other awesome 📚) @barneysaltzberg will be joining us LIVE Wednesday, 8pm CST on Facebook! Follow blog link in profile to find out how you can join the convo. Our Art Teacherin Book Club has been reading and loving The Growth Mindset Coach. One children's book we always mention is Beautiful I reached out to Barney late last week to see if he'd be interested in joining us and he agreed! Mark your calendars for tomorrow night and we'll see you there!