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I love it when and I can combine one of the elements of art with a famous artist!
3 things that mean a lot to me in one picture. 1.) This is inside of my classroom where I get to work as a teacher which I love. 2.) The kiln full of my work and my students work all going through a glaze fire which represents my love for making art. and 3.) My 1914 Cubs hat representing my love for baseball and one of my two teams that I die-hard cheer for. #baseball #cubs #chicago #art #pottery #kiln #teacher #artteacher #chicagocubs
Ladies, there are some great moves to work your triceps! Try some Tricep pushups!
Just another reason why we love our job! Birthday celebrations in tiaras!! Happy birthday Alyssa! Thanks for bringing all your creative friends to make glass suncatchers with us this weekend! 🌞🌈✨🎨 • #partylikeaprincess #createtofeelgreat