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🍼🐑🐑🐑This term our STREAM project has been so fun! It started on our trip to the farm when the farmer asked the students to come up with a way to help him to feed the baby lambs faster. We came back to school and all of the students designed a lamb feeder that would feed more than one lamb at a time. They then pitched their ideas to the class and we discussed which ideas were achievable, affordable and fit our criteria. We settled on four designs and then worked in groups to create our lamb feeders! This was a challenge and we learnt about the concept of HARD FUN as we worked collaboratively and creatively. Once they were finished we tested them out using water. Some of our lamb feeders fell apart or didn't work the way we expected but some worked pretty well! The students were able to evaluate their designs, explain what they liked and what they would do differently next time. Our last step will be reporting back to the farmer about our findings! 🍼🐑🐑🐑
Yesterday my kiddos did a color wheel for the first time! 🎨. For a 5-years-old child it's amazing to discover the mixtures and how they can get all the colours that they want only mixing blue, red, yellow and white 🔴🔶🔵. This simple activity has been like doing magic or an experiment ✨🔮. They were so happy! 😁
When you turn your tic tac toe pouch into a trick or treat pouch 🎃👻🎃
Never stop discovering! 👫💚
Фрагмент интерьера мастерской в Коньково, где в этом году я провожу занятия 🤗 и прошлогодний майский этюд - самый любимый из последних. Фотография Маши @masha_true