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So many mixed emotions today, finishing my 2nd full year in Columbia County & traveling between two amazing schools--Baker Place & Cedar Ridge Elementary--God could not have blessed me more! Thankful for the amazing people & students I've met & worked with these 2 years! Oh how I am so going to miss my flying friends--Eagles & Owls💗love you all😘 I'm excited to say I will be at one school next year as the full-time art teacher, joining the pack family at Greenbrier Elementary! #gopack #artteacher #itssummertime
New bulletin board in my classroom. Hoping this helps with showing where the works of are we teach about or mimic come from around the world. Also realizing I can't name one South American or African artist. Would love to spend a year focusing on non-western artwork. If you know of an artist please share! #endofschoolyear #artteacher #artaroundtheworld
LAST DAY FUN!🎈Thanks for a MAGICAL year my babies! I'm going to miss ALL of you!❤️💙 STAY HUMBLE!🎤🎶🎧 #ArtTeacher (made by tiffanybluesoular with ♬ HUMBLE. - Kendrick Lamar. #lyapp #KendrickLamar #HUMBLE
"...There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" said the man himself, AlbertEinstein. My dad, Gerry Barry, has retired after 31 years in the same classroom. I know a lot of you who follow me have been taught Art by him at St.Als in Cork and I'm sure you will agree that this quote is very fitting because my Dad is the kind of man who is super chilled and that literally sees the beauty in every single thing in life. He's happy out with the simplest things in life. My whole childhood was collecting things we look at every day and don't even really notice, like little stones or reflections and he'd make us look at them. Like really look at them. And see the beauty in the details. We've certainly had our differences over the years (and still do when I go home😅) but these days, I feel much closer to him. He's about the start a new chapter of his life and I would love if you could write a comment of a memory you have of him teaching you on here so I can show them to him. I know he's had a massive influence over some of his students lives and St.Als definitely won't be the same without him. It's actually so sad like 😢 He's not into "fuss" , never really celebrates his birthday- you know the type 😂 but I think this would be nice to show him, you know? Even if there were just a couple of you x