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It's been a crazy busy week at school..we're almost at the end of term...though things never wind down to the end!! We received the delightful news that our fireworks picture (earlier post) won first place and along with 2 other winners will be featured on posters around #Edinburgh to advertise the fireworks display at the end of the @edintfest🎆✨ When you're shattered and crawling to the end of the term, these moments are so special and life changing for this little girl!🌟🌟🌟and so it's worth it💛 @VirginMoney #artteacherlife #vmfireworks
Often in class you hear 'he/she's copying me'...I try to change the culture of that to...'be inspired by' or 'you've inspired them'...that's what art should be💙I pop on here and I'm constantly inspired by others, inspired to be a better art teacher and mum at home playing with my girls. The ideas I've found in this community have changed the way I do things, I've now a long list of things I want to try...I'm not copying, I'm inspired...💙 At the weekend I attended an art award ceremony, a highlight of the year. Children from nursery to high school and special education were celebrated, including one of my pupils. I left inspired💕This is a taste of the exhibition, this is children's art and how amazing is it?!💙 (Quality of photos not great) #artteachersofinstragram #arteducation #artwithkids
'Peepo!!' I got myself into a bit of a muddle explaining to some of the children...why there are some eggs we eat and some we don't!! 😂😂😂🐣🐤🐥 @steamkidschallenge # #earlylearning101
Ready for Monday morning...Summer Art Camp!
Best job ever.
So proud of 3 of my pupils who's #artwork has been shortlisted in the @edfringe poster exhibition. 💜💙💛 The exhibition is on display at Dynamic Earth over the summer which features the stunning designs for the covers of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Guides.💜 We've really been enjoying spray paints this year. They have used them to prepare the background before painting (dancers) and to fill in gaps after they've painted the main feature (clown and spray can). Need to stock up again for next year! 💙 #artteachersofinstragram #artlessons #celebrateart #dynamicearth
Shaving foam prints...I honestly don't think sensory play/art has an age limit...these children are about to head to high school and they absolutely loved the process and results of these prints. We used drawing inks for colour and who could resist a squeedgy from ikea?!💛 #sensoryplay #sensorylearning #printing #processart