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are you a fan of Tuna Confit & Olive Tapenade? if you aren’t cuz you think it stinks well i think you stink and are too tuna shit to try it🐟😏 see what i did there? •• so most of my days at work consist of sandwich, soup and salad making - i don’t know if it’s the egg that makes it look awesome but it tastes as good as it looks.. PROMISE👊🏼 French Baguette🥖Olive Tapenade✖️Tuna Confit✖️Shallots✖️Fresh Tomato✖️Hard Boiled Eggs (Sliced) a drizzle of olive oil on top bun as it helps keep it soaked with flavours👌🏼 is your mouth watering yet? ..✖️topped with Arugula, i personally don’t like a lot of Arugula(optional) i feel like it takes away the beauty🤷🏼‍♀️ (notice i took the picture WITHOUT it💀) #rebelwithoutacause #yyceats #cassisbistro #café #frenchcafe #yougottaeatthis #avenuemagazinecalgary #calgaryfoodie #sandwichqueen
It's YYC Pizza Week and The Still is excited to announce that we and many other venues have collaborated with Meals on Wheels, to bring you all pizza lovers feature pizza's from September 22 till October 1. Our feature gluten free pizza, The Poké Pizza is only $20!!! Some of the proceeds will be going to Meals on Wheels. Come on down enjoy some Za and give back to the community! Don't forget your pizza passport, if you don't have one, rest assured we got plenty! #yycpizzaweek2017 #pizzalovers #teamnogluten #butwedoalsolovegluten #yyceats #avenuemagazinecalgary #mealsonwheels