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Part 2 of #aybcherelle Heels Intensive Workshop last Sunday! The way the room was fully of support and just alive!! Well done! SWIPE FOR MORE VIDS @jheneaiko
Part 1 AYB of Sold out Heels Intensive Workshop tonight with ur girl #aybcherelle was 🔥🔥🔥! If you can't be extra with AYB who can you be extra with!? Well done! Class is a mixed level so its beginners and pro dancers jamming it out as one! Support ur Fam! SWIPE FOR MORE VIDS! @chrisbrownofficial
Yes for this @chrisbrownofficial Track 😍🙌🏽✨ @producer_ey - you lot killed this!!! But.....Wow!!!! Today was EPIC 😱 Over 50 people came to my Heels Intensive and this is only my 3rd one... you guys honestly just made this whole experience feel worth it. Being a teacher is hard in this day and age because everyone has something to say or is super opinionated... but for me, all I care is that you guys came and had a fucking good time. I try and always give personal feedback, notes in class, talk about intention and meaning, placement, performance.. I care. And I think no matter what, this journey will always make sense to me. It’s been long and sometimes has felt like I’m doing it alone, but today was extra special. Thanks for making it amazing! ❤️✨ #Heels #Teacher #Class #Aybcherelle #heelsteacher #love #women #chrisbrown #tomybed #naughty #inmyfeels
I meannnnnnn watch till the end and if the class isn't giving you this type of vibe is it really a class? 😌☝️ UrbanBEAT Dance Class last night with #aybcherelle was LIT! @nickiminaj @yogottikom
👠 CJ took it all the way naughty tonight 🙈😋 Glad I could take your last class before you take over the West End! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾😁 All the best @cherellejay - you deserve all the success 👑❤️💜 #dance #heels #class #atyourbeat #strutbeat #aybcherelle #lilkim #dancer #ayb #le_anne_dancer #saucy #cheeky #explicit #naughty #licks #lyrics #wednesday #training @aybfam @lilkimthequeenbee ******************************** Looking forward to more with @theplatformuk too!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾
All the facials, all the nastiness, all the love and vibes for this last weekday class of mine!!! I FUCKING love you all and you’ve made the last year, the best year of my life.. through teaching you all, I’ve found my purpose, I’ve found what I love and what I’m good at and most happy doing... do you know how much I thank and fuck with you all for that! Argh the love is REAL ❤️✨🔥😍 THANKYOU @aybfam #Itslit @joelledfontaine @corrinmitchell @marvynlcharles you boys are my world 💕!!!! #teacher #blessed #love #aybcherelle
HALLOWEEN all your AYB classes are basically gonna be scary good 😂 check out what your Instructors have got in store! Don't forget it's the last you gonna have #aybcherelle *cries unicorn tears* on Wednesdays so make sure to book! Her StrutBEAT class is FREE this week but ONLY booked in can attend that includes membership holders!! 😌☝️
Get your last #aybcherelle classes this Wednesday from 7pm! Book online now!
Sad times....BUT free class 😈😝 next week is #aybcherelle last StrutBEAT Dance Class so we are letting y'all get ur last bit of her 'Tic tic booms' before she goes off to the Westend! 8pm book fast as once it's booked no walk ins allowed! Book online now! @cherellejay
StrutBEAT heels class with #aybcherelle is always on point! Don't be scared we got you 😘☝️every Wednesday night at 8pm! SLIDE 4 MORE VIDS @nicolescherzy