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A bowl of deliciousness with heck chicken sausages, salad leaves, tomatoes, cucumber and oomi protein noodle! Oh and sweet chilli sauce 🙈 First time I’ve tried these noodles and they actually taste exactly the same as normal noodles except they are very low carb- WIN! However, they are definitely not as cheap as your standard noodle - 👎🏻 . . . #eatwelleveryday #health #nutrition #foodie #macros #iifym #cleaneating #student #instafood #balance #healthyfood #fatloss #positivevibes #determination #happy #happiness #myjourney #fitfam #bbg #girlgains #lifestyle #motivation #tuesday #lunch #salad #goals #lovelife #positivity
そしてこれも出てきた(笑) えっ😱わたしヴァンヘイレン観てたの⁉️忘れてた🤣 そしてまさかの旦那も覚えてなかった🤣 というのも.....プロポーズ直後に🙋‍♂️転勤、この時は遠距離婚約中。たまに🙋‍♂️帰ってきた時に挙式準備で超多忙、の最中のライブ😅だったからかしら🤣 曲は初期デイヴィッドさんの頃がイイかもですが✨歌声はサミーさんが好きです🎵 久しぶりに懐かしいアルバム聴きました☺️ ライブは覚えてないけど🤣パンフ買っといて良かった😂(笑) #VANHALEN #BigFatMany #BALANCE #1995 #福岡国際センター .
Quite possibly the prettiest salad I've ever made? The recipe is largely based on the "walnut, avocado and pear salad with marinated portobello caps and red onion" from the @ohsheglows cookbook, with a few alterations I made to suit the ingredients I had in. Check out the link to my blog in the bio for more lunch recipes 🍐🍐🍐
It feels good to be back! It's been a wonderful 3-week visit to my country – reconnected with my loves and welcomed a new member of the family. ❤️ It was good for my heart and my soul. But I have to admit that my food choices hadn't been ideal during my stay. 😆😝 I just had to let loose a little and indulge a bit. Food from my childhood are just too hard to resist and when there are just too many new things to try... I just had to give in! It was all worth it! Now to start getting back on track. 😊 Dinner was blackened salmon with massaged kale. I haven't gone to the supermarket because I'm still trying to get back to my household routines so I am running low on real food supply I just made do with what was available. 😊 I'm contemplating on starting a round of Whole30 to detox but I'll first try to figure out what my body really needs right now. 😉 Happy day everyone! #salmon #kale #dinner #healthyhabits #healthychoices #homecooking #eathealthy
a tiramisu lovestory 🍰♥️ • • • Ich dachte es könnte den ein oder anderen interessieren wie ich mir hoch erotisch gestern mein Tiramisu einverleibt habe 👅 leider war es nicht so geil wie es aussieht ☹️ ich finde für solche Fälle sollte es ein Kalorien-Rückgaberecht geben! 🔙🤔 Bei mir steht heute Restday vom Feinsten an, denn ich liege grade unter der Nadel für mein neues Tattooprojekt 😍💉 Projekt weil es mal wieder so richtig klein und dezent wird 😁😁😁 • • • #nebenbeifit #tiramisu #lovestory #personaltrainer #foodporn #foodlove #fitspo #fitness #healthcoach #balance #yummi #dessert #tattoolove #fitfam #food #restday #foodblogger #foodography #cake #inked #foodbeforedudes #keinsixpackaberhappy
One of the most valuable resource teachers have is each other. Without collaboration our growth is limited to our own perspectives and "limitations". That's why I promote so much collaboration. I think is not only important but essential for teachers and students to have quality in their sessions. . Here are my upcoming collaborations! Can't wait to see you there! ⚡ #Barcelona with @satya_yoga_oviedo at @espaciodeyoga Weekend workshop Ashtanga + course about corrections, alignment and adjustments. Don't miss it if you are around! ⚡ #Uk Decemver I amcoming again your way at @yogaliciousstudio ⚡6_10 December retreat where I invited two host teachers that will bring an add value @aidaventure -the queen of inversions and the Ayurveda Magician 💚 ⚡Lots of retreats and workshops for 2018!!! . . ▪▪▪▪▪▪ 🔹🔸▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ ▪▪ . . Uno de los recursos más valiosos que los profesores tienen son tenerse uno al otro. Sin colaboración, nuestro crecimiento se limita a nuestras propias perspectivas y "limitaciones". Es por eso que promuevo tanta colaboración. Creo que no solo es importante, sino esencial para que profesores y estudiantes tengan calidad en sus sesiones. . ¡Estas son mis próximas colaboraciones! ¡Muchas ganas de verte! No te quedes sin plaza. ⚡ #BCN con @satya_yoga_oviedo en @espaciodeyoga Taller de fin de semana Ashtanga + curso sobre correcciones, alineación y ajustes. ¡No te lo pierdas si estás cerca! ⚡ #Shrewsbury diciembre vuelvo a @yogaliciousstudio ⚡6_10 Retiro de diciembre donde he invitado a dos profesoras como anfitriones que añadirán valor a este maravilloso retiro de Ashtanga, talleres y Yin yoga y mucho más aidaventure -la reina de las inversiones y nos trae la brujita del Ayurveda 💚 ⚡¡Muchos retiros y talleres para 2018! . Recuerda que el precio de descuento para el retiro acaba el 5 de noviembre!!!✌️ . . . 📷 By @sarahrmphotos Legs by @arthleticwear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #amayoga #gracefullystrongyogis2 #twist #torsion #balanceyourlife #balance #equilibrio #otoño #tour2017 #sharingknowledge #yogabarcelona #yogauk #yogashrewsbury #yogaspain #igspain #yogaretreat #yoga2017 #mivida #igespaña #igbarcelona
#TransformationTuesday shoutout to my client @rebeccanika ! We’ve been working together for 3 months and have been focusing on overall consistency and making mini goals along the way! Rebecca’s primary goals when we started working together were fat loss and upper body strength so we came up with a plan specific to those goals. In the last three month (even with a bump in the road) Bodyfat % is down⬇️ Strength is up⬆️! Energy is up⬆️! It’s so important to have a plan and keep your body challenged in order to change it. Proud of this chick for putting in the work every week and allowing me to throw her challenges, and then challenging herself a little more 👊🏻
Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. -William Shakespeare
As a lifestyle coach and a mother I think of how we can reserve some of our purchasing actions for the generation ahead of us! The more we purchase the more we have, and my question to myself is, do I really need all of the things I buy and making use it? Therefore my goal is to only buy something unless I really need it! I want to become more sustainable in my household and learn about the environment problems all the unnecessary waste can create which is already becoming a huge matter that affects all of us and especially the next generation! #sustainablefuture #sustainablefashion #sustainability #sustainable #ecofriendly #brightfuture #lifestyle #becomeaware @birminghammail #stopwaste #mindfulness @passionplanet #create #balance
Matt Judge on the road with his beloved CRT. Matt is an amazing runner so he usually will take a run and head back to the hotel for a quick 10 minute @thecrtmethod toning session. That's all it takes because it's so efficient!!! ANYWHERE,ANYTIME
Raw taco salad made with soaked seasoned walnuts, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, salsa and fresh guacamole 🌮
This week a wise teacher- @kylatustin -reminded me that following our divine calling should never be at the expense of our human self.. 🔆 That we must always take time to fill up our own cup so that we can continue to serve others as our optimal selves. 🔆 And to remember that we serve others best, not by "rescuing them", but by holding a supportive space for them to find their own centre and to rise up, and show up, as whole and complete versions of themselves in their lives. 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 The Self-Care Series features empowered women, with kick-ass mindsets, sharing self-care tips for living a joyful & balanced life.