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Bagels and airports are BFFs in my book, especially when they are asiago cheese bagels. Are there any go to foods you have when you're traveling? #bucketlisttummytravels
Wow! Was für ein wahnsinniger Erfolg. Kerstin hat mit der Foodpunk Challenge in ca. 2 Monaten 20 kg abgenommen und geht in großen Schritten auf ihr Ziel zu. Das ganze Feedback:
Goodmorning lovelies 💕☺️ happy Sunday/rest day!!🙏🏽😌 this morning before work I made my quick go to breakfast! 2 egg scrambled• 1 Thomas multi grain English muffin• pb 2 😋 hope everyone has a relaxing day!!
I'll just be over here, minding my own business. 👩🏼‍💻😂😬
I struggle quite often .... with my insecurities... my failures... my own stupid issues n struggles... but then hey I am not perfect... I guess I don't want to be ever... my imperfections are what makes me unique and my imperfections and cracks will lead to where my light is... hopefully... so here is a hug to all those looking at their cracks... inabilities... keep going on ... our struggling journey (doesn't sound English right :P) is what leads to light... did I just confuse everyone including myself?? 🙈🙈😉😉