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🎉 When you take a risk and order a new pair of jeans a size down....manage to convince yourself they've sent the wrong size because they look so tiny....and then they actually fit 😱 to me this is HUGGGEEE. 🤗 for as long as I can remember I've struggled to squeeze myself into a size 16 and I honestly managed to convince myself that I'd just stretched out my old ones to make them so baggy 🙈 today has just been a reminder to myself that I am making progress and I shouldn't lose sight of that and let my negative thinking take over 🙅🏼 #bbg #bbggirl #bbggirls #bbground2 #bbguk #bbglondon #bbgladies #bbgcommunity #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #bbgprogress #nonscalevictory #fitness #fitfam #fitnessjourney #fitspo #newclothes #shopping #health #healthy #weightloss #ootd #fatloss #fatburn #progresspicture #cleaneating #strongnotskinny
Have any of you had your knee caps quiver like your chin does when you are trying to hold back bursting in to tears? Well mine just did during, and definitely after, week 36 legs today. I am certain my legs were legit crying and it was expressed through sad, quivery little knee caps. You know that when you say the words "holy shit" out loud during your workout, it's a good one 😜 #clarendonfilter #sadkneecaps #sweatymess #holyshit #bbg #bbgmoms #bbgmums #bbggirl #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbgstrong #bbgtransformation #bbgfitness #bbgcanada #bbgsisters #bbgontario
Breakfast 🍓
☝🏻☝🏻 haven't posted in a while, because I am still sick 😷 couldn't #workout this week because of coughing 😔 Do you when being sick? I didn't want to make it worse... there is my birthday coming up and a wedding... Then again I wanted to lose weight for this wedding 🙈it's a vicious circle... I've tracked my food and weight and.. worst of all, it went ⬆️ not ⬇️. I have two weeks left. Hope I regain my health and energy soon. 💪🏻 #deathbykayla #sweatwithkaylaapp #sweatwithkayla #kaylasarmy #kaylasgirls #kaylaitsines #thekaylamovement
It's Cherry Blossom sniffing time at Brooklyn Botanical Garden!!
Ok so this has become our favorite healthy pancake recipe from @leahitsines, you definitely have to check her out we have tried a few of her recipes and they are very easy and incredibly tasty!! Believe it or not you just need three ingredients, eggs, vanilla protein powder (we use @isopure ) and bananas!!
So grocery shopping for the week is done🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉 It was totally exhausting. Its not going to be easy cooking for 4 people (yes Ive never done that before) but I think it will be exciting to learn new things, and I can't believe that the whole family agreed to start eating healthy and following this eat plan. How AWESOME is that!!!!!!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 So tomorrow, its meal prep time. Wish me luck!😊🙈🙈😁
+ that's a wrap! ✖️60 DAYS✖️I use to neverrrrrr post something like this because I would pick my body apart, I would compare myself to other girls on social media, always think why not me? 🤔 . The real question is WHY would anyone ever feel stuck like that? No I was never fat, but I didn't feel energized, I was ALWAYS sick, wasn't confident, I "didn't have the time/money" to invest in myself, I would just always tell myself "that's just not for me". But here's a little secret, it's for anyone! Anyone who wants more out of life, anyone who wants to feel good in their own skin, anyone who wants to be surrounded by motivated women + support. THIS EXISTS! . In January I took control of my life! I took a chance, joined a group full of motivated women who wanted this too, + we've been unstoppable ever since. This transformation pic is not just about me finding abs... I also found happiness, proper nourishment of my body, purpose, confidence, + financial freedom. What exactly are you waiting for? Join us!! 🖤 *motivation, support, + hustle are all included in the group, tan sold separately 😜
i like to eat green things