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Mother's Day inspired session today pushing my Mum around on the sled 😂 Great leg session today with @lynnelifts from Kyle at @bexfitnessuk - he's a seriously fab PT if you're looking for someone in Sheffield! 💪🏻 Hope you've all had a fab Mother's Day 👭✨ . . . . . . . #girlsthatlift #girlswholift #bbgcommunity #fitfam #fitspo #shelifts #booty #leanin15 #girlswithmuscle #getoutandsweat #protein #bikini #quote #celebrate #love #abs #l4l #booty #gains #workout #progressphoto #athleisure #trainlikeanangel #fitnessfashion
Spicy black bean seaweed tacos 🙋 don't knock this snack til you try it 😋 they were soooo good...and I needed to use up the beans I had opened because I'm starting something tomorrow (that I'll share with you)...but anyhow, I have had a busy weekend with a wedding, and a birthday today so I sneaked this snack between he craziness and it did not disappoint! - ✔️4 mini roasted seaweed wrappers ✔️4 tbsp black beans ✔️1 tsp @chosenfoods mayo ✔️1/2 lemon ✔️1/4 tsp sriracha ✔️1/2 tsp braggs or tamari ✔️cilantro and scallions to taste ▶️combine everything in a bowl and serve on top of the seaweed. Top with more sriracha if you want. 🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃 Taquitos de frijol negro enchiloso sobre alga 😋🙋 super facil y saludable! - ✔️4 mini algas horneada ✔️4 cdas frijol negro ✔️1/2 limon amarillo ✔️1 cdita mayonesa ( @chosenfoods) ✔️1/2 cdita braggs o tamari ✔️1/2 cdita sriracha ✔️cebollin y cilantro al gusto ▶️combinar todo y servir sobre las algas. Servir con mas sriracha si se desea. - #organic #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased #goodeats #dairyfree #strongnotskinny #tiu #tiumeals #healthynotskinny #cleaneats #seaweed #spicy #wellness #snacks #weightlossjourney #feedfeed #foodgawker #feedyoursoul #tastingtable #f52grams #buzzfeast #huffposttaste #hautecuisines #eatwellbewell
When thinking about your goals for this upcoming week, remember: YOU ARE CAPABLE 💖 Happy Sunday xo
A pretty uneventful post for a Sunday rest day 😴 This late afternoon coffee says it all after the week I've had...😂 Even this morning and afternoon were pretty busy, so now I'm taking a moment to relax (and possibly nap) while I enjoy my (second😳) cup of coffee for the day. Thank goodness for rest days lol. It's important to remember to let your body have a break every now and then, especially as we approach week 12 of #thekaylamovement2017! Who else is ready to crush the last week of the bbg?! 🙋🏼💦💪🏼
The nice thing about having to catch up on #fitphampullups is that it gave me a nice back circuit to work on today. I went to the gym before today's move was posted, but I did do lat pull-downs at the end of my workout! And I hope you don't mind me posting another picture from my yoga session the other day. I usually don't wear earphones to the gym because they almost always fall out, and because my gym blasts music really loudly anyway. But today, something was wrong with the music so it was barely playing and there was a guy who was making awful disgusting pig noises on the elliptical 🐽😷. I'm talking loud sniffs that sounded like he was going to halk a loogie, and "HUHs" and sometimes gagging/retching? It was so loud and obnoxious that I almost went to another part of the gym to finish my workout! Plus the was like dude chill; it's an elliptical and do you even lift??? The moral of the story is 1. always bring your earphones and 2. ALWAYS wipe down equipment before and after you use it (yes I definitely made sure he wiped down his elliptical). #gymetiquette #popupyogabaltimore #mindfulmarch #openyourheartchallenge . . . . #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgbaltimore #bbgmaryland #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #thekaylamovement #12weekchallenge #deathbykayla
I made it to Vancouver!!! Whew -- had a heck of a long day traveling but appreciating the Pacific timezone + adding 3 more hours into my day! More time to explore the city, shop + dine! Let's do this 💃🏻 || #teamriseaboveit
Mini Matcha Choc-Mint Mousse Pies by @missmarzipancom 💚🍵 They're #glutenfree #sugarfree #plantbased and full of flavour. Marisa was inspired by the @kintrafoods Matcha Green Tea Powder, which can be added to food and drinks for an antioxidant boost. Find it at leading health food stores, or head to the link in our bio for full stockist information
Weekends were made for moments like this. 💕 I couldn't imagine a better workout buddy. 🐾 Can't wait til Hadleigh is a l i t t l e bit older, so we can train for races together. 😍
L.A.. I will definitely be back soon! 🖤
ramen for lunch 🍜
If you know anything about me I'm all about Nike Air Max's. Air Max 1's and Air Max 90's make my head spin 🙃 cheers to Nike and 30 years of Air Max's - happy #airmaxday!!!