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Life is a climb. We always want to make it to the top of the mountain but we fail to see that all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it. Who you are at the bottom is not who you will be at the top. You see, you can’t fall if you don’t climb and there is no joy in living your entire life on the ground. I like to compare hiking mountains to life (which is why I love to hike) Every obstacle you encounter in life is a whole new mountain to climb. Some are harder, longer, steeper, shorter... When I make it to the top of every mountain I climb it reminds me that I can make it through any obstacle life puts in front of me.
When your day starts off with a good breakfast, how can you go wrong?! Pumpkin Spice waffles using my @kleanplate bliss batter was my breakfast of choice! 😍 I’ve been having so much fun decorating my new house, and I’m loving sitting at my new kitchen table every day with my cute place mats and centerpiece! 🍽💐 It always helps me to start my day like this in my new home 🏡 #BBG #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #bbggirl #bbgmassachusetts #fitness #healthyliving #strongnotskinny #kaylaitsines #sweatwithkayla #loveyourself #bbground3 #bbgtransformation #ernurse #bbgweek1 # #blissbatter #blissproteinbatter #pumpkinspice #pumpkinwaffles #home #foodporn #breakfast #healthylifestyle #healthybreakfast #healthyfood #healthyeating #makeyourhouseahome #decorating
Oh Chicago, you were so good to me. Can’t wait until we reunite again! 💙
lace up and G O -- who's ready to sweat today? 💦 to me a workout should never be forced, if you’re forcing something it means the passion is gone and if the passion is gone that means it’s time to re-evaluate what you’re doing • i’ve been training very bodybuilding style for a long time because i truly did enjoy it and saw the results i wanted but about 4 weeks ago i found myself not excited to go to the gym, i was spending 1.5 hours or more in the gym and i honestly just bored with my workouts which is never a place where i want to be so i decided to switch it up - i’ve implemented circuit style training and i’m loving it 😍💦 i do one fast paced leg day a week with supersets and trisets, one heavy compound leg day (later in the week obvs), 3 upper body days that are more circuit style and one full body circuit day, i do 3 steady state cardio sessions a week and 1-2 HIIT sessions - i feel challenged, excited and i leave sweaty af every day in under 60 minutes usually 💦 my body has been reacting so well to this new style of training that i’m already almost at my goal and my trip is still 5 weeks away 💃🏼🌴 you DO NOT need to spend hours in the gym to get results. there are so many ways and styles of workouts so if you don’t genuinely enjoy what you’re doing then try something else - what's everyone doing to get their sweat on? @mondayactive
Good morning✨ Feeling a little sluggish this morning so I took my time with breakfast 🙃 Made some @veggienoodleco butternut squash noodles sautéed in @organicvalley ghee and seasoned with @traderjoes everything but the bagel seasoning, power greens sautéed in ghee, and an @organicvalley egg (I added another one after because I was starving 🤷🏻‍♀️) Going to be at school all day today so I wanted to be sure I had enough fat for breakfast to keep me going 🔥 Happy hump day 💕 . . . #eatclean #cleaneats #foodbeast #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeast #cleaneating #foodblogger #selfcare #selflove #feedfeed #food4thought #spoonfeed #eatstagram #instagood #instafood #thenewhealthy #f52grams #tastingtable #huffposttaste
The hectic school year and winter szn❄️ on its way has got me feelin THICCCCK! I have been experiencing so many road blocks to lean out for MONTHS. It’s always in the back of my mind how nice it would be to have muscle definition to show all my hard work, but I don’t feel that it’s actually necessary! I don’t need outside recognition or congratulating to feel accomplished with my strength gain and hustle... Neither do you! If being lean is available to you with your daily schedule and enjoyable then you GET IT GURRRRL👏🏽👏🏽 However, if it’s not attainable in your current life & daily responsibilities, don’t sweat it! You KNOW what you be doin up in that gym and you feel how much stronger you are than in the past.💪🏼💦🏃🏼‍♀️🏋🏼‍♀️ Just cuz you don’t have your progress chiseled out on your body for the world to see doesn’t make it any less of what it is. You are AWESOME and you keep puttin in that work for YOU!!! No one else💯
D r i n k 💦💦 so recently I’ve been trying to up my water intake as it makes me feel SO much better! I got this @gymshark 2.2litre bottle last week and it’s been my best friend! Also everyone I see keeps ordering them including my husband and the ladies at my fitness classes! Copy cats 😼 #90daysss #90daysssplan #90daysssgraduate #sasplan #30daysasplan #thebodycoach #iifym #iifymgirl #cutting #girlsthatlift #bbg #bbggirl #bbguk #bbgweek10 #bbgprogress #bbgcommunity #precisionnutrition #hiit #liss #squat #squatlife #girlgains #girlsthatlift #cleaneating
Can we talk about this combo for a sec because OMG 😳😍🙌🏻 @emmysorganics coconut cookies (esp. the dark cacao) are the BEST little snacks full of healthy fats + a slight sweetness. What better way than to doctor em up with @thecoconutcult + @eatnuttzo?! 😍Love getting creative with these #cleancookies from #emmysorganics 💃🏼💃🏼What's your favorite random snack combo?! #ad
{ Haiti Trip } 🌎 I have exciting news!! ✈️ I was given the opportunity to support my friend’s coffee business 👉🏻 {Salt & Light Coffee Co.} to plant coffee trees with the farmers in the mountains of Haiti. ☕️I leave tomorrow for this life-changing adventure and will be there for a week. 🙏🏻 I’ve been to Haiti before, which was an incredible experience. A HUGE culture shock. Stay tuned for some awesome posts on my upcoming adventure. ⛰
If you're anything like me, all you wanna do when you have a headache is crawl back in bed. But I made a promise to myself to show up every day. You won't see results if you just go back to bed! 💪 Who else got their workout in this morning??
Join Dang for Burn Yoga LV 1&2 in the new studio 🙏 Wed 9:00 am Sat 9:15 am
Real talk: I’ve been having an emotional week. Drowning under work and deadlines, having a hard time keeping my head above water when every tiny thing reminds me of my father and causes me to lose the ability to tread that metaphorical water for a few minutes or even a few hours. This post isn’t because I want your pity. It’s because for all of us who are going through some heavy shit right now, who are putting on a brave face and keeping it together and telling the world that we are fine, okay, good - it’s okay to not be okay. And it’s okay to admit that. Keep on keeping strong, but remember that it’s okay to be weak sometimes. * * * #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #fitness #fit #fitspo #fitchick #bikinibody #strongnotskinny #strongisthenewskinny #gymgirl #gymfashion #nycfitness #girlswholift #s2bm #s2bmsquad #macrosbypao #bbg #bbggirls #gymday #bbgcommunity #balance #healthylifestyle #mentalhealth
a few of my favourite things: anti-inflammatory digestive drank {ACV, lemon, collagen + ginger water} and a bowl of my dreams {organic greek yogurt, granola, berries, almond butter + banana choco chip muffins} happy thursday bbbbb’s hope it’s as magical as a thursday can be 🌻✨💫 ps, you can use my code WHOLEFULLYNAT10 to get 10% off your first @furtherfood online order 💛
We're only given so much time on this planet... So use that time (today) to do what lights you up, sets your soul on fire, and makes you feel most alive! ❤️ ~ Take chances, love hard, live BIG, and be epic! @alexipanos #reminiscing #pairofshocks
7 years ago I would of never believed I’d be this happy as I am right now. 7 years ago I didn’t think I’d ever be as healthy as I am right now. It’s crazy how our struggles in the moment make us feel stuck, like the future is so far but here I am 7 years later, wiser, healthier, and happier! Can’t say I would ever want to relive my e.d days but I’m super grateful of all the things I’ve learned about myself, about eating disorders, and about others. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side 😌
So this morning I was SUPER excited to make my 🍫 shake mix smoothie & originally I wanted to keep the toppings simple with just 🌴 flakes, but then I remembered my mama gifted me goji berries from 🇨🇳 so I was like well derrr obvi adding some of these 💁🏼, & then I saw blueberries in the fridge & realized I'm just going to get patriotic here in honor of me being back in 🇺🇸 whoooooooppp 💭 Anywhoo, that being said I made myself a post booty / leg day smoothie with ALL the goods. I'll put up a recipe on my stories 🤗 💭 This complete shake mix is PERFECT for smoothies, protein bliss balls, pancake mix, overnight oats, chia seed pudding, or just by itself after a workout & or snack 😍 💭 & today I'm feeling extra generous af just because & I want to spread this love that I have for these amazing shakes, yaaayyyy... & so I'm giving a sample of 🍫 (or vanilla flavor if you're into that) to the first 5 people to DM me their address 🏡 oh & I'll also give you shitloads of recipes. You won't be disappointed. oh heyyyyy, happy Hump Day ya'll 🤗❤️💙💭🍫
Liven up your day with healthy fat, protein, and fiber for ONLY 150 calories! 🙏🏻 #EpicSeed
#workoutcomplete I walked to the gym, ran 5km, did 35 min. of LISS and then walked home. Total cardio day over here and I'm beat. Still sick so off to the doctor I go. Happy Wednesday. 💕