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Done with workout 🙌🏻 This week didn't go as planned, but most importantly I still did workout 💖 Today I murdered my legs 😂 I don't know how girls who are already on week 12 do it.
* R A I N C O R E * Morning peeps! As some of you already know, I'm a huge RAIN fan ann have been taking Rain Soul for a while now. Last weekend I've also started a one-month Rain Core box in addition to Soul. I now take 1 Soul in the morning and 1 Core at night. Core is 60ml of cold-pressed black cumin seed oil, milk thistle, cranberry seed, kale, chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, dandelion, aloe vera and chlorophyllin and refuels, recharges & protects the body. Core naturally soothes pain, regulates blood sugar, stimulates weight loss, provides most daily vitamins and minerals, is a powerful antioxidant, combats skin conditions, soothes the digestive system, detoxifies, is an anti-infammatory and increases absorption of vitamins and minerals. 💪 Have a look on or send me a PM if you have any questions. Wishing you all a lovely day! 😘 . . . #detox #raincore #energy
I'm so silly. Last night I'd prepared everything for an early gym session as I've got a busy day today. But... I forgot to adjust my alarm so I'll have to squeeze in a session sometime today. Have a wonderful day everyone!! 😘 . . . #bbg #fitfam #bbglife
#transformationtuesday 💗💗💗 August 2016 vs yesterday 😃 I don't think my changes are hugely drastic, because I was in decent shape before beginning BBG, but after 7 months of consistently working out, I feel stronger, healthier and more confident. So all I can say is thank you, both to miss @kayla_itsines and to this wonderful #bbgcommunity 💗
De lo único de lo que somos dueños es de nuestra propia vida, así que recuerda tomar las decisiones adecuadas sin que nadie te obligue.👈 y de seguir tus sueños a pesar de lo que venga. Y aún así, entiende que todos nos equivocamos... ✋pero si miras para atrás que sea sólo para coger impulso, 💪 y así seguir adelante! porque amigo, rendirse no es una opción. 🙅 Nueva semana, nuevas oportunidades! A por todas! P.d.: 📷 foto del año pasado llegando a la cima del Aspe (2645m)
I just completed my second round of #bbg1 🎉🎉🎉!!! Thanks to all of the girls of this community, I could never have gotten this far without you! Love to you all! 💗💗💗
My happy place. Happy ☀️day!
Yes! 💪🏻 #relevant since I'm headed to Warsaw today 🙌🏻 there should be a gym in my hotel so looking forward to getting a sweat in there soon. Enjoy your Sunday girls 💕
Better late than never. 10PM and #week12arms is done! Tomorrow I'll do abs and finish my second round of #bbg1 ! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻