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🍭🍭 girls are having fun & catching tan 🍦🍦
Churches with red doors are one of my favorite things. I think I find it kind of poetically contradictory. ❤️🖤❤️Anyhoo, Im chillin in bed with a stomach ache, hoping it will pass so i can get to the gym to knock out a good #hiitworkout 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️ I posted a story this morning about metabolism and calories (my questions about it, that is), but in case you don't see it, here's the gist: According to, being as a 29 year old woman of average weight and height, working on my feet and doing intense 30 min workouts 5-6 days a week, their calculator determines that I burn only 1850 calories in an average day, and that is taking into account all of my activity. I find this to be really low, as I thought that most women who were NOT very active were burning about 1800 cals a day, and so somebody who's on her feet all day and training 5 days a week should burn more like 2300-2400 ??? What do you guys think? #caloriecounting #iifym #caloriedeficit #fatloss
Yesterday we had an INCREDIBLE hike in my favourite place in the world. It was only 3 hours up and down Ha-ling peak and the view was amazing. 🗻 While my heart was pounding because of the altitude, physically I felt awesome which had made all these squats, lunges and push-ups worth it. I even ran quite a bit of the trail chasing after hubby. I couldn't believe how strong and happy I felt! #thankyoukayla 🗻 Remembering your why: because I'm so grateful to hike a mountain and see the best views in the world 💛
afternoon snack 🍐+🐐🧀+🍒(cranberries)
...and one more... 😍
a huge cheat meal for me today... 😋
I love noticing muscle definition that has developed since I started doing BBG. I love feeling like my body is not just beautiful, it's strong, and I made it that way 💗💪🏻💪🏻
I don't know who said you sweat less in #bbg2 but THAT'S NOT ME 😅😅😅 Week 14 legs done and we're in the mountains!!!! Heading out to enjoy. Happy almost weekend!
T H E U N K N O W N || Today, as can be seen on my stories, I enjoyed a beautiful #LISS along the banks of the Seine, during which I happened upon an old car tunnel that has apparently recently been opened up for pedestrians and cyclists (the banks of the Seine used to be like a highway for cars, but about a year ago they were completely closed off to cars and made exclusively pedestrian 🚶‍♀️🚶🏃🏽🏃🏿‍♀️😎) But this tunnel is just a big empty car tunnel, it hasn't been specially renovated or anything, there is not any extra light or even any extra surveillance or emergency exits. It's still pretty new, so there were very few people inside, and only on bikes, no one on foot. But when I had the choice to keep walking straight in the sunshine and the safety of other people, or to veer right into this dark tunnel which would last who knows how long and lead me who knows where (well, I suppose google maps could have told me 😂), I chose the mystery of the tunnel. And I'm so glad I did! Yes, it was scary being mostly alone in this long dark tunnel, but it was also exciting. It put me into a really reflective state and I found myself thinking about the unknown- how it scares me, but how I'm also always drawn to it. How it's dangerous, but how it brings so much richness into my life. It was worth it, and I encourage everyone to take the road less travelled, from time to time 🛤 💕 Swipe thru to see pics of how I relaxed after my #LISS with a delicious coffee and tonic! Yes that's right, coffee and tonic! 😮👌🏼🙌🏻💗💗💗
LUCHA SIEMPRE POR TUS SUEÑOS. 💪❤👣💭 . . FELIZ JUEVES #FITFAM ! . Vaya calor que se presenta hoy por aquí... Ya mas de 20°C a estas horas así que hemos aprovechado y hemos madrugado y ya hemos hecho 8km andando. . Nos hemos movido un poco para empezar el día activándonos y a la vez paseando a la enana. 🐺 . Ahora toca lío 📖📚😀💪 con energía que queda menos! . Siempre con ilusión y con ganas! . . . . . . . . . . . . #fitnessfreak #gym #cardio #instagrammers #bbg #bbgeurope #bbgcomunity #fit #fitgirl #fitnessgirl #fitness #fitnesslover #yopuedocontodo #fuertafitabdominales  #nature #neverstopexploring  #moverseomorir #like4like #fitness #girlswholift #fitnessadict #instafit #instafitness #fitspo #fitspiration #bodybuilding
such a perfection! 😍 #nofilter 🌺🌺🌺
quick and tasty dinner 😋
okay, so here comes a major #nonscalevictory for me - i got [my first ever!] boyfriend jeans! 👖 i bought them couple of weeks ago and it took me about a week to take courage to wear them, but now i absolutely LOVE them and feel confidend eearing them! 😍 you may ask why it's such a big deal for me? - 'cause i've been wanting a pair for years, but, as i'm an hourglass shaped girl [with those nasty saddlebags so hard to get rid of], they just did not suit me. i rather looked like i'm wearing Alladin's pants not bf's jeans 😂 and i'm sure all the curvy girls know what i'm talking about 😝 so - chin-chin for a pair of pants that can make us feel good! 🍸👯
lovelovelove chilli beans! 😋
treat yourself! 😜
Today I had my second training in infrashape👊🏼 I enjoyed it 😍. I burned nearly 2000kcl in 50 min and my knees are feel so good. I try to drink a lot of water now to have some cleans but I am excitited to see the result I'll have after my 10th session. 😉👊🏼//Ma megvolt a második infrashape edzésem és nagyon élveztem👊🏼☺️. Közel 2 ezer kcl égettem 50 perc alatt és az izületeim nagyon kellemesen átmozogtak. A visszavissza kacsingató térd fájásom is eltünt. 🙈 igyekszem több vizet inni most, de már alig várom az eredményt. #infrashape #healthylife #healthy #fitispiration #fitgrammers #bbgfam #bbgeurope #bbgsisters #bbgcommunity #hungarianbbggirls #fitfam #fit #sport #mutimitcsinalsz #mutimitedzel