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#morningabs from this morning. This was after breakfast and right before I went back to sleep for two hours. Yep, took an unplanned #restday today as my body and brain really needed sleep. I know a lot of us struggle with #restdayguilt and I was feeling it today. Not so much for missing a workout, but mostly for missing a chance to study. But there's only so much we can do, and we need to listen to our bodies and feel good about the choices we make. There's nothing wrong with staying in bed all day- what matters is how you talk to yourself about it. I know I'm not a lazy person, so if I felt the need to rest, it's because I truly needed it. Sending love and peace! Tagged ladies, show me your morning abs!
Happy Saturday 😎! I just posted a new blogpost (link in my bio 🖊) on what my PERFECT DAY of DIETING looks like 👀 and what my new DIET is. 💋 #Paris #nodiet #ootd
Having one of those days where I wanted a bowl of cashew ice cream but settled with cacao quinoa pudding instead... (Inside:quinoa, cacao powder,date, oat milk, chocolate vegan protein powder. Sprinkled with: cacao nibs, chia & hemp seeds, coconut, and walnuts)
I'm not continuing my BBG workouts anymore. Even though I enjoyed them and envy all the girls for doing such a great job maintaining their BBG routine. For me right now- I don't feel like going forward with BBG anymore. I'm still tying to find out what's best for me. And I learned a lot from the BBG workouts, which I'm forever grateful for- but at the moment I'm taking it slow 🙏🏼. Read more on my BLOG (link in my bio 🖊).
Look what I found at the pharmacy of all places! And who knew it was called "lait de poule" in French (literally 'chicken milk' 😧)! This is one happy American. It has ginger in it too! And you are supposed to drink it hot according to the container 🤷🏼‍♀️Given this crazy cold front, I won't complain. Can't wait to try this 😛💗💗💗 #eggnog
Guys I'm feeling so much better but more than that I'm feeling so proud of myself! Old Steph would have been like, you're sick, take the week off. ❌Which by the way IS extremely important to do if your body is telling you to do so❌but I knew mine just needed one day off. So Tuesday I dragged myself upstairs and got to it. I found that starting off with yoga with/or stretching really helps me get in the mood. I started off with a half an hour walk in the snowy dusk, came back, did 36 mins stretching to loosen my hips, then took it easy with BBG wk 2 legs but still broke a sweat! Today I started with a 20 min full body stretch followed by an upbeat cardio sesh, with allll the jumping jacks (15 mins) then moved on to a focused glute workout, I like to call it a glute grill cuz my 🍑 was on 🔥🔥🔥and that was about 20 mins. Finished off with lying in wide knee child pose to relieve the tension. And after a hot shower I feel great! I also started a fitness bullet journal to keep me on track! How's your week going? Glute workout: 40 BRIDGES 40 SINGLE LEG BRIDGES (20pee side) 40 HYDRANTS (20 per side) 40 RAINBOWS (20 per side) 40 PLANK W LEG LIFT (20 per side) 40 SINGLE LEG DEAD LIFTS (20 per side) 20 SQUAT TO SUMO 40 LYING HIP ABDUCTIONS (20 per side) 40 HAMSTRING CURLS (20 per side) Enjoy! #bbg #bbggirl #bbgmovement #bbg2017 #bbgagain #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #bbgaustria #bbgeurope #fitness #motivation #letsgo #health #healthyeating #loveyourhunger
Anyone else still feeling their legs after Monday?? 🙋🏼🙋🏼 Doing some much needed yoga and rehab after today's arms and abs resistance workout.
Starting the day with a little Protein Fruit Smoothie yumm 😍.
A day as freezing as today definitely calls for some hot cocoa with mini marshmallows. My 12 year old student made it for me (and this is the view from her house!!! 😱😱😱) Then I burned it all off doing #HIIT at the gym on the #elliptical listening to a good podcast 💗 (And yes, I listen to podcasts when I work out instead of music! 😂)
Today's theme was green... green shoes, green tank and #bbgliss 😊 Although my strength is pretty much gone, my condition (is that the right word?) is not (maybe because I didn't neglect cardio as much as I did resistance workouts 🤔). And so If I want to get my heartbeat high enough I can't walk anymore on the treadmill I always have to run (but in a slow pace). I guess that's progress too 😊🏃🏻‍♀️ #bbg #kaylasarmy #kaylaitsines #thekaylamovement #kayla_itsines #kaylaitsinesbikinibodyguide #12weekchallenge #bbggermany #bbgdeutschland #bbgdach #bbgover30 #bbgeurope #bbgweek1 #bbgweek2 #bbgmotivation #bbgfamily #bbgcommunity #bbgnewbie #bbgbeginner #bbgsisters #bbggirls
What's for dinner tonight: quinoa bowl with roasted brussel sprouts, sweet potato, beets, sprouts and maple tahini dressing . I ran out of kale today (shock horror 😱) so tonight's dinner wasn't as green as usual but this was a perfect warming meal after a cold day out walking in the city. . . . . . . . . . #bbgmoms #bbg #fitspo #quinoabowl #fitfam #healthylifestyle #fitlife #bbgswitzerland #bbgeurope #bbgcommunity #kayla_itsines #kaylasarmy #bbgprogress #bodypositive #strongertogether #kaylaitsines #strongwomen #bbggirl #vegan #plantbased #12weekchallenge #weightlossjourney #fitmom #bbgweek5 #bbgweek2 #bbg2017 #thekaylamovement #bbgmums #whatveganseat