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Guten morgen zusammen. Es ist wieder Zeit für ein leckeres Frühstück. Heute gibt es bei mir wieder warmen Porridge. Der Magen braucht was Warmes bei dieser Kälte. Ich mache mich nun schlau wie ich nach Aachen komme, dann einer meiner Lkw-Fahrer ist krank geworden und nun muss ich schnell Ware wegbringen. Das ist gar nicht so schlimm ich mach so Touren ganz gerne. Ich wünsche euch allen noch einen schönen Tag und lasst euch nicht ärgern. #habteuchlieb #liebedasleben #healtyliving #healtyfood #leckerschmecker #wennnichtjetztwanndann #gesundruntervomgewicht #gesundleben #bbgdeutschland #bbggirls #sweat #bbgtransformation #bbgcommunity #bbgprogress #instapic #instafood #picoftheday
Healthy Self ➻ Heal Thy Self "Dear outsiders, even the most beautiful of wildflowers and considered weeds in the wrong gardens - what another thinks of you does not dictate your value". There is no better person to make you happier than YOU. And you know when the real magic begins? When you stop waiting to turn into some perfect hypothetical version of yourself and consciously enjoy being who you are in the present moment ✨
Oats🍚 + cashew milk🥛 + dark chocolate🍫 + pb🥜 + 🍌
backstage vibes 😂 had major frustrating moments during rehearsal today (show opens in 19 days) and i really didn't wanna do week 7 legs/cardio but DID IT ANYWAYS 🙌🏻🙏🏼💪🏼 and ate well all day and now i'm just chillin watching tv knowing tomorrow will be better. cause it has to be- right? 😳 #letsgetit
sat and sun were rest days for me 😎 so i made sure to eat really well all day both days! i diiiiid snack late night both nights- sat night on popcorn and sun night on gf cereal (i know- not the worst. at all. lol but meh felt gross the next morn each time) SO: back on my grind today (monday)-- cause you're **allowed** to fall off the wagon and hop RIGHT back on. i used to punish myself for days "well might as well keep eating bad/binging since i did this one meal"... proud to say i don't think like this anymore! #letsgetit (AND PS: those are eggless eggs!!! how fucking cool)
🍌🍎Let's take a second to apprecciate healthy foods! 🍌🍎 Just 9 days a go my eating was a disaster. It was mich worse than you think it was. The last nine days I have been strict witg myself. I have eaten tons of things I don't love (veggies!) and I have lost most of my cravings. 🤷🏼‍♀️ On Sunday I realy wanted to eat some of my favorite choclate - Kinder Choco Bons. And I ate like 5-6. I did NOT eat the whole bag or felt guilty afterwards. So you could say I'm adapting with this healthy food situation finally 😌 I am so thankful for the #bbgcommunity and the daily support. I feel like I know you all! 🙌🏼😍 So, let's keep going and make this the best year so far! ••• ••• ••• ••• . #kaylasarmy #bbgcommunity #bbgsisters #bbgmoms #deathbykayla #healthyliving #bbg12weekchallenge #bbgprogress #goals #kaylasmovement #fitfam #sweatwithkayla #bbgmotivation #bbg
after getting 2 kick ass workouts in on friday i had a daaaank smoothie (frozen banana, cacao powder, dates, peanut butter, ice, almond milk topped with cacao nibs and honey) while wearing my @lushcosmetics coffee mask 💁🏻 and then had a @lushcosmetics bath afterwards!! THEN had myofascial release on my shoulder- hadn't gone in 3 months. was so necessary 🙏🏼 #letsgetit
Killed it. Starting back on my routine since I start school this week. Since it's a new year, and I haven't worked out in about a month, I decided to RESTART BBG. Lol this is like the 5th one I restart but that's okay. I like starting fresh. So WEEK 1 LEGS DONE ✅ It absolutely killed me. I was dying after the first round but I got my mind straight and finished all of it. Slowly but surely. #transformation #bbgprogress #breakfast #lunch #snack #dinner #postworkout #fit #fitness #health #healthy #workout #livelean #protein #detox #detoxwater #hiit #determination #motivated #eatclean #magicbullet #nutribullet #backtoit #letsgetit #shake #bbg #bikinibodyguide
Coffee coffee coffee coffee mmmmm 💕🙌🏼
on friday i wore my favorite shirt to yoga 😎 and i was proud of myself because i woke up early enough to eat breakfast beforehand! i am always SO weak if i don't eat anything in the morning before working out so i def need to get better at eating SOMETHING even if it's just a granola bar (this bar i actually ate AFTER yoga ;) breakfast was the usj bagel avocado etc). then after this i smashed BBG legs and cardio and D I E D LOL 😳☠️😂😂 #letsgetit
4 morning miles with my least fave running buddy..the treadmill. But felt nice and easy for once to push for some speed on this thing 👍
Farmer's Market 🍎- sometimes nothing compares to fresh and simple 💛