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Grateful today for sunny skies after a lot of rainy days. ☔️ And for Santa Barbara, aka paradise. ☀️🌴 So thankful to live here and to be laying down deep roots with my hubby in this sweet town that we like to call home. 💕 | #seesb
My first non-scale victory! Last night I was bored and wanted to check out the sales @oldnavy had going on. I tried some of their Rockstar jeans but the sizes I always grab to try on (6 and 8) didn't fit right. I thought "Let me do something crazy and entertain the idea of a 4 since they stretch. Mind you, the smallest I've ever been was a size 6. ▪️ Guys. I was MIND BLOWN when these size 4 jeggings just slipped right on! The 6 was too baggy in the hamstrings area (a first for me!) and these fit perfectly! ▪️ I'm still pinching myself because I can't believe the number on this tag. Granted, I have some size 6 jeans and shorts from Old Navy (some are snug and some are loose) but I'll TAKE IT! ◾️ Progress has been so slow and steady, and I've actually gained 3lbs from my goal weight so I totally understand the #screwthescale movement. ◾️ Can't wait to see what results I'll have by the end of the #12weekchallenge #bbggirls #bbgover30 #bbgprogress
Yaaay for Friyaaaay ❤ Have a great Friday everyone - It's 5am and I'm ready for a @fitsquadnz boot camp 👟 (sorry for those who are still on Thursday 😂)
night shift duty tonight 🙈means loading up on a super food breakfast before (trying to) go back to sleep for the day💪🏼🌱unofficially the best smoothie creation yet 😛 // 1tbs @philosophielove green dream, 1tsp @sunpotion ashwagandha, 1/2 cup of each all frozen: spinach, cauli, banana, raspberries, 1c @siggisdairy plain yogurt, 1c @foragerproject cashew milk. Blend it all up & top it w/ some @elementalsuperfood crumble, almond buttah & 🐝pollen 😛 remember that movie "gone in 60 seconds"?? welp I just made the sequel: "brain freeze" 😂🙈🤙🏻
Confession: I woke up 15 min early to make my toast pretty 😂😍 Ezekiel bread topped with @siggisdairy Coconut yogurt, PB2, bananas, mango, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of @bearnakedgranola Cashew Butter and Cacao Nibs granola 🙌🏻 If I could bathe in this granola, I would! Happy Friday Eve my friends 💖
After having the most stressful few days I've had in a long time, I am so grateful to have my dad and @emilyhanner to lean on and talk to when things get too great for me to handle on my own (and it's nice to give @tyleresmacher a break sometimes haha) ♥ it's also amazing how much stress relief working out can be 💪🏼It's the time and place to clear my head and get myself back to my "can-do" attitude 🙂I don't know what I would do without #bbgworkouts
Week 4 vs Week 7 Honestly, I'm not seeing much change in my progress photos, but I am feeling myself get stronger. The #bbg resistance training I've done has helped me with my distance running-- the other day I jogged 6 miles without really feeling too bad. And I feel great! Gonna try my first round of HIIT today after a jog in this gorgeous weather. Got a spring break trip in less than a month, trying to feel as confident and positive as possible in a bikini by then Also I swear I don't know why I looked so tan in that lighting. I'm hibernation season pale rn #bbgbabes #bbgprogress #progresspic #bbgcommunity #LISS #HIIT #sweatwithkayla #transformationThursday
Hears some truth: "Most people won't be successful because when they get tired or it's too hard they quit. Don't cry to give up, cry to keep going. You're already in pain, why quit now? Pain is temporary, but giving up will last forever. It's about heart, and what you truly want. Some people only kinda want it, and say they want it but don't show it." These are some of the realist words I've ever heard. Pushing through the sweat, tears and hard work is what sets you apart from everyone else. Do it for you, and not anyone but yourself. . . #mypstudentambassador #myprotein #myproteinwomen #bbg #bikiniprep #healthy #fitfam #bbgprogress #iifym #macros #liftheavy
FORM > WEIGHT ALWAYS! . Dropped the weight today, increased the reps and really worked on my Sumo form. Never be too proud in the gym to work on your form and flexibility! . ________________________________________________________ #healthyeating #macros #eatclean #training #strength #progress #girlgains #iifym #ukbff #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #strongnotskinny #fitspo #bikinifitness #bodybuilding #instafit #leanin15 #bbgprogress #fitnessblogger #gains #fitfam #motivation #workout #strengthfeed #gainingweightiscool #strengthnotstigma #ACPT #GFG #pescience #SelectTheBest
Hello 👋🏽 What are your goals for today? Time to tick them off your list one by one.☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽In the words of Ashton Kutcher (lol), opportunity comes in the form of hard work. 💪🏽
Off to the gym bright and early this morning (check out sleepy head in the back 😂😂😂) I have a root canal today so I wanted to make sure I got up and got to the gym before that! I'm suuuuper nervous. I literally faint every time I'm at the dentist so wish me luck 😅
#TBT I missed hump day because I was too busy celebrating national margarita day (now y'all know where my priorities lie.....😉) •• so TODAY is legs day, woo!! And HIIT (more like oow) hehe, sometimes I'm funny 😎 actually, today I'm just slap happy because I'm so tired and ready for the weekend - it's been a CRAZY week, delusion is setting in!! •• okay imma go, but y'all have a great THURSDAY, we are so close!! 💗💗 #legsday #humpday #workoutmotivation #motivation #fitlife #balance #fitnessjourney
I was able to get some hang time in a forearm stand today for the first time ever!!! And yes I'm using a skyrim Xbox game guide as a block 😂 so happy [ even if it is just for a few seconds!] !! 😊❤ ft more @hozier 🎶 (I'm slightly obsessed with him)
[[ Home 🏡 ]] ••• #tbt to last summer in the early morning ☀️ on #lakechelan my #hometown ••• one of my favorite things about home is this walk, #riverwalk ••• I've ran countless miles on this loop around the basin of the lake, I've jumped off both bridges thrill seeking 😼, I've chilled in the park more times than I can remember, but it is my favorite because my dad's ashes are strewn here. A piece of him lingers with the wind, a small reminder that he watches over me. ••• Happy Thursday #fitfam I am on the mend from being sick, finally got #bbglegs ✅ yesterday and now on to get these arms pushin push-ups! •••
Hoy será un día largo largoooo así que a empezarlo con el que nunca falla👆🏻y con la mejor actitud😁 Es lo típico, I know, pero en serio que es una comida rápida de preparar, rica y completa👅 Además, ¿quién dice que lo saludable y rico tiene que ser difícil de preparar? Sándwich de pan integral con huevito estrellado🍳 con aguacate, champiñones y espinacas + mi fruta de desayuno diaria🥑🍊🌿😍 #thatyolktho