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Meditation in front of the sunset in the famous religious town of Pushkar.
Another shot capturing the famous sunset in Pushkar.
Starting our trip to India in Jaipur. Best transport, an auto. ☝🏼
Thanks to mum and dad, didi and I got to travel the whole of India, very early. They were so passionate about traveling, that every year we would take at least 3 holidays. This one is from one my earliest trips, that I remember entirely and quite vividly. It was filled with so many firsts for me, considering I was only 8. The first desert, the first camel ride, the first tent. We spent the night in the cold desert under the star spangled sky. Mum pointed out the great bear and venus to us. They taught me how to travel. My parents. November 1996, when the cameras weren't that great and neither was our hair. 🙈 . . . #travelingram #travel #travelphotography #travelers #travelbug #globetrotter #india #beautifulindia #indialove #desert #rajasthan #jaisalmer #asian #wanderlust #wanderingsoul #instatravel #instatraveling #instatravellers #travelgirl #keepmoving #explorer #wonderfulplaces
A promise to return. Shot on the New Xiaomi Mi A1.
#downthememorylane - Sitting with my feet drenched in the ever so turbulent Beas river, not doing anything.. just day dreaming, staring at the waves and taking in the incomprehensible beauty around.. I can still hear the soothing roars of the water hitting against rocks, carving their way ahead. Nature truly heals. Reminds of a some lines I read somewhere: "Down by the river there's a place I often go when I've had enough and I need to clear my head, when I need my space and I need to be alone."
Tried to capture a frame of the sunset reflect of the sacred lake and slowly behind the town skyline backdrop of Pushkar. But it does not do justice to actually being there to see it - The sudden noise of flock of birds fly, the religious songs in the background, prayers, the noise of water - true spiritual experience.