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I would tell you that I'm about ready to turn down my covers and get into bed. But, the truth is I never made my bed today and this is an old pic 😜 Instead, I will be fixing my messy covers just so I can climb in. Either way, it's the direction I'm headed and I'm pretty excited about it. Gotta rest up for my sons 6th Birthday tomorrow! 💙 Night IG Land. 😴😴 #goodnight #sleepytime #bedroomdecor #bedroom #bedroomdesign #wilshirecollections
So ive had a couple people asking if i duplicate my designs and the answer is yes absolutely. Naturally they wont have the same crystal and driftwood but the design can stay the same. So if u see something you like and it has sold just hit me up and il make up one for you. Also a huge thank you to all you lovelies who have bought from me and those who like and comment on my work, it means the world to me, if u had of told me 6months ago when i was watching all the macrame videos on you tube and teaching myself how to do it (ive never done a workshop or had someone actually teach me how to do macrame) and it took me a few days to get a small piece done that i would be selling them, i wouldn't have believed you.😘😘😘😘 Unfortunately i cant do it as a full time job atm (single mama) but im working towards that. Anyway big love to you all thanks ...Tash ✌❤🌻