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just two goofballs hangin out. ✨ . . . .teddy and skelly 👅❤
This incredible girl’s birthday is today and although I couldn’t celebrate her in person; we’re having a party from Denver;) so many fun memories over the last year (plus a few) and still hard to believe how fast time flies!! What a journey it’s been since last September!!!! Seeing Gods faithfulness and provision in your life has only increased my faith and joy!!! Girl, you’re a true example of steadfastness and pressing in to see his promises fulfilled! Your love for people, @joelnunnally, now Cherish too is so evident and we celebrate a year of fulfillment and overflow with JOY! Your friendship has blessed me more than you may know and the hours of phone calls and intentional friendship, I thank God for you. May you know how loved, celebrated and special you are to so many Mel! What a year it’s been! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND!🙏🙌🏽🎉🎉🎉