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True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart. 1. Teman dikost, teman kampus, teman bobo, teman makan, teman dikala susah senang, dikala banyak duit dan bokek, dikala sehat sakit, teman yang menyusahkan, teman yang ngerepotin dan direpotin, teman curhat, pahlawan tanggal tua karna dia gajian duluan, teman yang rela nyamperin kekost walau hujan baday start ujung dunia plosok sanaaa, teman main, teman gagal diet. Oh missyou so much @munnamahlan 2. Teman dikost, teman pacar, teman bobo, teman makan, teman jalan, teman yang nemenin pas pacaran, teman tanggal tua, teman dikala banyak duit sampe bokek, teman yg sok mau irit tp tetap boros, teman curhat, teman dikala susah senang, teman yg rese pas ngajak ketemuan, teman yang merepotkan, teman yang menyusahkan dan disusahkan, teman bermimpi, ya bermimpi kurus tp makan terus. Miss banget sama kamu @anjariri 3. Teman makan, teman kampus, teman sekelas, teman gendut, teman yg bikin gagal diet, teman jalan, teman yg rela temanin kemanapun, pahlawan tugas akhir dari survey, penulisan, revisi sampai acc, teman yang mau disusahkan, teman yang mau direpotkan. Loveyou so much @yuraadha Yaa, truefriends yang sering jalan bareng semuanya bareng tapi bisa di hitung foto bareng nya.. #truefriends #missyou #pleasemeetup #octobermiss #bestfriends #besties
#funtimes #besties "Our laughs limitless" Our memories countless " Our friendship endless😇😇
Part. 1 - DEA She's like a flower and I'm more like a bee. Always looking for her idmf I can't find joy, specially when I'm in campus. I still remeber clearly how we first met at the campus's elevator, and I'm pretty sure I will remember how innocently crazy she is. Love ya ma bestie, keep being you ya! 😄 . . . #besties #friends #bestfriend #relationshipgoals #crazy #love #jakarta #indonesia
来週会えるかも♡ 1ヶ月に1回は会いたいよね🤷🏽‍♀️♡ @chaki.110
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✨YOU’RE INVITED!✨ Did we just become best friends? Y E S ! Come in for our Friends and Family event now until 10 am!! Enjoy a variety of services and special surprises😍 See you soon bestie! 💋